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Newspaper: Please Don’t Cover Up Racism

June 26, 2011 4 comments

This is a picture of a few little blurbs from a local Toronto newspaper talking about celebrity sightings and doings. No, I will not mention which. If you read the middle blurb you will see them talking about what Mel Gibson is up to these days.

The blurb mentions that Mel Gibson’s career was destroyed but unless they’re being sarcastic and I miss the joke they blame it on “chronic alcohol poisoning.”


How about blaming his career’s destruction on “letting his true, disgusting racist colors show when he gets drunk.” Or does alcohol poisoning/getting drunk make everyone into a racist douche? Or does the author of this piece just want to rewrite history so Mel doesn’t look so bad?

Again, maybe the reference to chronic alcohol poisoning is a joke that I just missed because I am not so into keeping up with the doings of celebrities.

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