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My North York Public Library Card from the “Metropolitan Toronto” Days of the 1990s

October 22, 2013 2 comments

North York Public Library Card Metropolitan Toronto Front

This is my library card which I use every time I visit the Toronto Public Library to take out a book or 3.  It looks nothing like the current Toronto Public Library card and is from the early 1990s when North York was technically a city unto itself and a part of Metropolitan Toronto.  I am pretty sure this meant that I could use any library in Metropolitan Toronto but never really tried to because when Toronto amalgamated into the “megacity” and North York became fully a part of the city of Toronto it was 1997 and I was 15-16 years old. Still, I have kept this library card because Read more…

More Toronto Memorabilia From The Early 90’s

July 19, 2011 6 comments

I found some more memorabilia from the 1990’s. This time they were t-shirts that I dug up. I am pretty sure they actually belong to my 2 older brothers because I was:

  1. Too young to buy these t-shirts.
  2. Too small to have worn these shirts when they were bought.

Toronto Blue Jays World Series Champions 1992 T-shirt.

The first is a Toronto Blue Jays World Series Champions 1992 T-shirt. Pretty awesome, but not quite as awesome as the other t-shirt.


T-shirt of the Toronto Star from the Toronto Maple Leafs series win over the St Louis Blues in the NHL Playoffs Norris Division Final 1993.

This is a t-shirt of the front page of the Toronto Star from the day after the Toronto Maple Leafs won the playoff series over the St Louis Blues in the NHL Playoffs Norris Division Final in 1993 (that was the 92-93 NHL season). Of course, as any Maple Leafs fan knows, in the Campbell Conference Finals our Leafs got screwed over by infamous NHL ref Kerry Fraser and his non-call Wayne Gretzky when Gretzky highsticked Doug Gilmour in the face, cutting his chin open. Nonetheless, that win over the Blues was a huge success and it is awesome to have this piece of memorabilia. I wonder if whichever of my brothers actually bought these will ever want them back – I know I would if I were them. Until then, I’ll just have to take good care of these pieces of Toronto history.


Found @BlueJays & Other Memorabilia (But Mostly Blue Jays or Toronto)

July 8, 2011 2 comments

The Blue Jays Album Class Of

I love finding stuff like this! In moving recently, I had to do some serious digging through EVERYTHING – way more intense than your average spring cleaning – and during this digging I found a bunch of old memorabilia. The bulk of it is all from Toronto except for one Florida Marlins pennant and mostly, the stuff is memorabilia of the Major League Baseball team in town – the Toronto Blue Jays. First, we have the picture above – when the Blue Jays won the World Series in 1992 and in 1993 each year they came out with tapes to celebrate the win. The tapes included parody songs like “Rockin’ Robbie” celebrating Roberto Alomar instead of “Rockin’ Robin” as the classic Bobby Day 1958 single is called.

They are quite corny but, in my opinion, an awesome part of Major League Baseball history in Toronto/Canada. Yes, they still work and I did listen to them in their entirety again since I’ve found them. I’ve been considering ripping them digitally but don’t really know how to go about that. Read more…

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