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Pics From When I Met Michael Nus, Casie Stewart, & Other Awesome Folks At #KloutTO

February 7, 2013 2 comments

My friend @MichaelNus recently wrote a post on his blog called “The Day I Met Chris Brooker.” The post, which I’m given to understand will be one of a series, is a great post by a superb gentleman about @cbrooker, someone whom I cannot begin to express enough praise. Chris Brooker is a really special human and I am privileged to know him. Nus’ post brought to mind the day I met a bunch of different people involved in social media and tech in Toronto (I refuse to call it the “Social Media Scene” or the “Twitterati”) and then somehow it got brought to mind last night by a complete different person in a completely unrelated manner.

It all started when Sandy aka @sassygirlcanada tweeted this:

Which led to my friend Raymond Motee aka @FunkyBarrister replying with this:

That tweet brought me into the conversation and brought to night the aforementioned night when I first met in the real world people from Twitter. The night was an awesome one hosted by Klout. They called it #KloutTO (yes, amazingly that hashtag search still brings in results from June 2010!) and I met a bunch of stupendous individuals many of whom I count among my friends today including Team SidewalkHustle: @TristanBanning & @HawleyDunbar, Casie Stewart (@casiestewart), Michael Nus, Chris Brooker, Joallore (@clickflickca), Dave (now @BlueFoxCA and not in Toronto but he had a different Twitter handle back then), and many others who right now I can’t remember that I actually met them on that day. I went that day even though I wasn’t an “influencer” which was the reason Klout was throwing the party for the influencers and due to a partnership with Virgin America Airlines and was immediately welcomed into this group of the “cool kids.”

I tweeted this with that rush of fond memories warming my brain: Read more…

#LexusLive Friday Awesomeness!

August 30, 2010 3 comments
Me in the red Lexus CT 200h

Me in the red Lexus CT 200h European prototype due out Spring 2011

This Friday I took the TTC to the to the #LexusLive event with my VIP invite by Rock-It Promotions. The event was the first stop of a North American tour and the only stop in Canada showing off their new prototype Lexus CT 200h which I, for the most part, really liked the feel of from the front seat and the look of it from the outside. I invited my friend Michael Nus (@MichaelNus) to come join me as my guest as the VIP invite I got included a +1.

I got down to the Distillery District of Toronto for this weekend’s #LexusLive event and took a look at the setup which was very nice. You could get in to the car and check it out, enter your opinions on the car on iPads all around the area, and even enter to win an iPad by giving your opinion on the car.

Once I was inside the car I noticed the joystick in the center console. It is really cool and is used to move the mouse on the pop-up display which is an info center showing GPS, Radio, CD, and more. I found it is very well made and intuitive.

One slight concern I did have: I have never really driven a hatchback but I honestly thought the rearview window is not big enough (see picture below). However, according to the fine gentleman working for Lexus who showed me the car (and took the pic of me in the red one) it will come with a rear camera AND proximity sensors so I am thinking the rearview window doesn’t really matter. I guess I would need a test drive to really see. Do any of my readers drive hatchbacks? Is that a normal sized rear window as seen from the rearview mirror (for a hatchback)? Let me know in the comments.

Lexus CT 200h Pop-up Info Center & Rearview Window viewed from Rearview Mirror

The Pop-up Info Center was really cool but I thought the Rearview Window viewed from Rearview Mirror was too small.

The car also has the option to switch from Eco mode to Sport mode. The difference being more battery power going to the engine in Sport mode and the steering wheel tightening up. The display of the dashboard even changes and light up a different color when it is one mode vs the other. Red for Sport and Blue for Eco. I have to wonder though if they have tested whether people are actually going to switch between the two modes as in my experience it seems people won’t bother with such things preferring to leave it in whatever mode it started in and just go from there…unless you’re in Eco mode and you’re trying to run from the cops…that’d probably be a good time to put it into Sport mode.

The display of the dashboard even changes and light up a different color when it is one mode vs the other. Blue for Eco (top) and Red for Sport (Bottom).

The display of the dashboard even changes and light up a different color when it is one mode vs the other. Blue for Eco (top) and Red for Sport (Bottom).

After viewing the car and entering to win an iPad we went back to the VIP area where we were given some drinks and appetizers in preparation for the free live concert by The Stills. I spoke to one of the guys from Lexus and he told me that Toronto was the only stop on the #LexusLive tour that was this big and had free live concerts. Yay Toronto! The Stills put on a great show and basically the night was awesome. My friend and stupendous vlogger Sean Ward (@seanward) was also at the event and he took some video of the evening’s goings on. He also covered stuff about the event I haven’t mentioned in there interests of time and space. I highly recommend you check it out below! (And yes, in the interests of full disclosure, I am in the video).

My thanks go out to the whole crew at Rock-It Promotions (@rockitpromo) and Lexus (@Lexus) who invited me to this event. Thanks to Debra Goldblatt (@debgee), Michelle Easton (@micheaston) who actually was the one who invited me, & Christina Walters (@christinallison) and everyone else who helped us all enjoy this amazing evening. I can’t wait to test drive one of those cars!

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