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When Is It A Spoiler And When Should You Have Seen It Already?

December 2, 2011 Leave a comment


hate spoilers I really do. I find it to be one of the most obnoxious things anyway can do is to ruin a new movie I’ve been waiting months to see or a newly aired TV show that’s still on my PVR and I’ve been waiting all week to see.

In today’s high tech, fast paced world there are certain places that spoilers are expected but there are still others where they aren’t. On Twitter, for example, people always discuss events as they happen be they TV shows, awards ceremonies, or real historical events (like when President Obama announced that they’d killed Osama). That is totally and completely expected by anyone who uses Twitter and I am not at all referencing that. A lot of Twitter clients these days even include the option to mute tweets that have certain words/hashtags in them so you can be spared seeing them discussed – I wouldn’t be surprised if it was added with this as one of the main reasons.

One thing I noticed when I started using the entertainment social network GetGlue was if I went to check-in to a show on the GetGlue website some inconsiderate people would sometimes be discussing the show or giving away plot points within their check-in which shows up on the homepage for the show. This is one thing, in my mind, if the show/episode aired a while ago but while the show is still airing that is ridiculously annoying. It ruined the surprise death of a show’s character in the episode I was just about to watch.

The fact that people discuss shows online as they happen is why I think it is OK to do while the show is happening (on Twitter) but after the show airs it is open for debate in my mind. What is the appropriate time to wait after the show airs or after a movie is released before you can discuss it openly? In my mind, I would say at least a 24 hour waiting period for TV shows and for movies I would put it at a month…although maybe the best way to go for movies is while it is still on the highest grossing movies in theaters list. I don’t know which is why I am putting it to all y’all. What say you? Let me know in the comments below.

Cell Phones In Movies And TV: What A Difference!

October 30, 2011 8 comments

"Run Lola, Run" German "Lola Rennt" Poster

I just watched the German movie “Run Lola, Run” which came out in Germany in 1998 and was struck by how different this movie would have been if the characters had cellphones.

Without getting too plot heavy (and ruining the movie) the beginning of the movie hinges on Lola being late to meet her boyfriend and because there were no payphones around she couldn’t call him to tell him about her lateness. Him also not having a cellphone meant that when Lola didn’t show up and he couldn’t find any payphones either to try calling her house or another one of their friends (there seems to have been a severe lack of payphones in Germany in the late 90s) he had to take the subway. These 2 plot points lead to the entire movie believably being able to happen.

Run Lola Run English poster

Now think about the movie happening now or even five years later. Lola would have been able to call or text her boyfriend about what happened causing her to be late. Even if she didn’t, her boyfriend would have been able to call her to find out where she was or call a friend to come pick him up. The movie’s entire plot falls apart with the presence of cell phones. People in 20 years will watch this movie and think how quaint it was that they didn’t have phones with them at all times.

This brings me to my next point of how movies and TV plots have been affected by cellphones, the TV series “24”. This was a show that began a few short years later, premiering in November of 2001 and running until May 2010 but the presence and availability of cellphones the show possible.

“24” took place within a 24 hour period and each episode of the season was one hour of that day. The protagonist, Jack Bauer, and his friends at the fictional US Government agency CTU relied on cellphones and smartphones for the plot to develop at the breakneck speed which it played out. CollegeHumor even has a video of the supposed ‘lost pilot’ of 24 from 1994. In that clip, every time Jack needs to get in touch with CTU he has to run outside of the building he is infiltrating to a payphone with a quarter to call them. When they need to get schematics of a bomb to him, they need to print it out and bike courier it to him because at 950KBs to put it on a disk would take “THREE FLOPPIES“! Check it out below:


[Direct link to the video here:]

It is simply amazing how different our world is now that we have all these devices at our fingertips. However, watch a movie or TV show from even a little more than a decade ago and it really drives home what a big difference technology makes in our day to day lives. Without cellphones and smartphones 24 would have had to have been called 48, 72, or even 168 (that’s 24*7, or a full week…I did the math on a calculator so don’t feel embarrassed if you didn’t know that offhand).

Recently, I flipped past the movie “She’s All That” on TV randomly one day and I stopped to watch a bit because I remember Rachel Leigh Cook being really hot. As I watched for a few minutes, I was struck by the differences in our society since 1999 when, in that movie, you hear a ringer go off and all the girls in the high school’s popular and rich clique walking together pull out their pagers to check who got a page! A page! Times have certainly changed haven’t they!

Movie #ProTip: Always Stay Til The Lights Go On, Unless It’s A Marvel Movie

May 8, 2011 6 comments

Tonight I went to go see the movie Thor. At Colossus Vaughan The movie was amazing but no spoilers here, not to worry.

Last week I went to go see Fast Five which I also enjoyed immensely but more on that experience later.

When I went to see Fast Five they had an extra scene after a first set of credits but then the lights came on. I stayed until after the rest of the credits but to no avail. There was only the one scene.

So that brings me to my ProTip with one exception:

Always Stay Til They Turn The House Lights On At A Movie!!!

With One Important Exception!!!

Marvel Movies!

Every Marvel movie I can think of…Iron Man, Iron Man 2, all the X-Men and more ALL had extra scenes after the FULL credits were played. So stay in your seat….otherwise you’re going to be watching that scene on the DVD or if you can’t wait, like me, in a really crappy cell phone camera rip on YouTube.

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