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No Pants Toronto Subway Ride 2012 #NoPantsTO

January 8, 2012 13 comments


Today I was a partici-pantsless member of the 2012 Toronto No Pants Subway Ride on the TTC. This was my 3rd year in the past 4 years being a part of the fun prank which started in New York City 8 years ago and has grown internationally ever since, this was the 5th year they did it in Toronto.

We were lucky that this year we got to ride on the brand new TTC Rocket train when we got to Museum Station where we started off (still wearing our pants). As we each in turn took our pants off at prearranged intervals between stations and then departed the TTC Toronto Rocket we showed our fellow transit riders that riding the TTC pantsless in January is “The Better Way.” We then got on the next train and rode all the way to Eglinto Station where we turned around and went back south to Museum Station.


Good times were had by all for this good, clean fun. We made plenty of people smile which was the goal. A couple of people asked me what the heck was going on and my response was that I’d “forgotten my pants at home and was on my way to an important meeting I couldn’t be late for.” (I don’t think they believed me because they all just chuckled and stopped questioning it.) I even heard someone ask another partici-pantsless if we were doing a school project!

Even the media showed up for the event. CTV, CityTV, and CP24 were all there…but they all kept their pants on.

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