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How To Browse Image Based Subreddits Like A Bawse

August 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Reddit logo 500x167

Reddit is a wide and wonderful world full of many different sub-categorized areas referred to as “subreddits.” Many of these subreddits are heavily photo/image oriented and browsing them on reddit itself can sometimes be somewhat tedious especially if you’re not looking to have a discussion about the pictures and just want a quick dose of laughs or cool stuff or whatever is striking your fancy. But there is a better, simpler way for this kind of thing that, while not perfect, is highly effective.

I decided to write this because this past weekend I was out for dinner with a bunch of friends and when I was speaking with my friend Justin (aka @The_Jmoney on Twitter) he was amazed that he had never heard of it before. It was then I realized that even fellow tech & internet geeks don’t know about this trick so I figured it’d be best if I shared it with the world.

The solution is super simple (and works in mobile browsers too!): Read more…

Brands: ‘Tis NOT Better To Have Loved & Lost, Than Never To Have Loved At All (Online)

January 16, 2012 Leave a comment

20012.01.16 Tweet about Co Engage & Disengage

In his poem ‘In Memoriam A.H.H.’ 19th Century English poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote:

‘Tis better to have loved and lost

Than never to have loved at all.

But this post is going to dispute that when it comes to corporate communications on Twitter. Well, OK, not really out and out dispute it because I wasn’t in love with the brand I am referring to in the tweet about (which you can find here) but I felt a little bit of poetry would class up the post.

What I was referring to in the tweet above is a brand who engaged with myself and a friend when we started talking about an article I read in LifeHacker. I thought this was one of the most brilliant things I had read that day and planned to give it a try when my friend told me about a product that does just this and she uses it all the time. I tweeted at the brand who makes the product in question – which as far as we knew was not available in Canada – and asked if it was available in Canada and the replied fairly quickly and told us that, yes, it was available in Canada.

To say we were happy is an understatement. I quickly went out to try and find this item at one of the chains mentioned and came up empty. I checked the chain’s online web catalog and came up empty. Each time I made a step following the advice of that brand I tweeted back at them what I was doing and the results. They never answered. It has been the better part of two weeks and still, they haven’t answered. In that time they have tweeted 15 times, the last time being on January 14th and not one time did they respond. (The first time when they did reply and tell us some info it took them about 12 hours.)

It would be one thing if they had never replied in the first place to our tweets, I would be totally fine with that because not every company and brand monitors all aspects of their social media presence, preferring to register their name and just leave it. This is the reality of the world we live in and no harm no foul if that’s the case. It would also be, sort of OK if they only came on once a month to respond to queries and hadn’t been online since the day they told me and my friend their product was available at Chain X and weren’t present to see my response. But they have been available, they have been present, they have been not only tweeting but interacting with other Twitter users and ignoring me is just bad for business. Doing this makes me feel as if I were talking to the Volcano Insurance Salesman that Peter dealt with in an episode of Family Guy from a long while back (best quality I can find.)

Do you think pretending not to be there while answering and interacting with other people is really going to have a positive response? It won’t. You’re just pissing potential customers off and ruining any relationship you may have had with them.

I have waited a while (more than 10 days) to write this blog post because I wanted to give the brand a chance to redeem themselves. They haven’t.

Better to not be doing it all than to be doing it wrong.

I Have A Twitter Impersonator! What To Do If This Happens To You

December 26, 2011 14 comments

My Twitter Acct next to Impersonators

Hooray! Is that the reaction I should have? As most of you already know (and can see in the sidebar of this blog) my Twitter account is @TheDanLevy and it seems someone has taken the time to make the above account “@realDanLevy.” As you can see by the above screen shot the person who has chosen to impersonate me on Twitter with the aforementioned account has stolen my Twitter profile picture, directs people to the same personal URL as I do and claims in their bio that “I’m the real Dan Levy.” What you can also see is that they have been mirroring my tweets since the account was created (according to TweetDeck) Sun 25 Dec 2011 at 22:03. How are they mirroring my tweets? They are using a service called TwitterFeed which probably picks up the RSS feed of someone’s Twitter account and rebroadcasts it elsewhere, in this case to the impersonator’s Twitter account.

Twitter Impersonator Being Rude To My Friends

Truth be told, I’d be mostly fine with it if they weren’t doing two things: Read more…

Facebook For Business Panel In Toronto – #FB4BizTO

October 5, 2011 Leave a comment

I am heading down to a panel called “Facebook for Business” which looks to be very interesting especially given their panel (full disclosure I know 4/5 of them from the interwebs and 3/5 in real life).

The panel’s hashtag is #FB4BizTO which is good because I am running LATE so I can follow along with it en route down (taking the TTC, don’t text/tweet & drive folks!)

They are encouraging anyone with questions to tweet any of the panelists (see below for Twitter handles/links) or @OrangeYYZ. You can even call 416-644-5929 and ask for Joan. That last one is a really cool idea, completely low tech but still very cool way to add to the conversation/panel. I wonder if people used to be able to do that for TV/Radio panels going on? Maybe I will ask my mom or grandparents…

The panel will be focusing on how B2C businesses (B2C = Business to Consumer) can use Facebook to achieve business results.  They are promising they’ll be sharing a few beginner tips for companies JUST getting into using Facebook for business as well as diving into developing and sharing content, creating engagement (and whether or not that can even be done!), using Facebook apps, and sharing tips and tricks; examples; and best practices. But no panel ever stays on topic(s) so I’m looking forward to this one veering off and seeing where these brilliant people on the panel take us in their discussion.

The Panelists

The Moderator

If you’re going to be there – I’ll see you soon! I’m on my way, really! If you’re “listening” in online, I hope you get a lot out of it. Tweet at me, @TheDanLevy if you’re too shy to ask a question and I will be glad to do it for you!

Suggestion: When Changing Your Twitter Handle Overlay Your Old One On Your Avatar

January 5, 2011 1 comment

In my time on Twitter I have seen a number of people who have changed their “Twitter handle” – formally referred to by Twitter as a “Username” – from one day to the next with no warning or notice. Sometimes, it is because the name they originally wanted has been let back into the public domain for whatever reason. Sometimes it is just because the person decided they wanted to switch and just picked a new handle. Often, these new handles don’t have anything to do with the old handle and the person with the new handle decides to change their Twitter avatar (profile picture) as well. This results in people, like me and you, starting to see some seemingly random person posting in their tweet stream. Then we begin wondering who this person is and when did we start following them? This is especially true when the person’s avatar isn’t a very good or clear picture of them or if they have no other information in their profile like their full name listed, a completed bio, or a link to another website of theirs.

When you change your Twitter handle go into whatever image editor you use and insert your OLD handle in a readable font, size, and color in a noticeable place (top or bottom) of the new avatar.

As such, I am going to suggest a new point of “Twitter Etiquette” (Twetiquette? Twitterqette?). When you change your Twitter handle go into Paint (the simplest image editor which every copy of Microsoft Windows comes with) or whatever image editor you use and insert your OLD handle in a readable font, size, and color in a noticeable place (top or bottom) of the new avatar. Leave it there for a week or so, that should be long enough.

Doing this is much more effective and much less annoying than tweeting a message every day (or more) “Hey I used to be @OldHandle but this is account now has a new handle” when you change your handle.

My current (Jan 5, 2011) New Years themed avatar with my "old handle" noted.

The only other – possibly better – way I could think of  to do this would be to change your “Name” to include your old handle. In this method, where my handle on Twitter, as you know, is @Dan_L and my “Name” is Dan Levy if I were to change my handle to @GuruDan or something like that I would simply change my “Name” to ‘Dan Levy formerly @Dan_L’.

What do you think? Is it a simple and yet effective & unobtrusive enough way to accomplish the goal of letting everyone know your new Twitter handle? Have a better idea? Let me know.

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