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Airlines: Does Your Definition Of “On Time” Differ From The Rest Of The World?

June 24, 2011 2 comments

Note: I have, on purpose, removed details of which airline the flight I am referring to is operated by. I am not trying to indict one airline. I do not know if all airlines are guilty of this or if it is just the one. I see no reason to start shouting from the rooftops which airline this is. If you recognize the website, fine. If you figure out based on the flight arrival time & your own research, fine – but you have waaaaay too much time on your hands!

I am about to head out to Pearson International Airport to pick up my friend who is arriving from England for a visit so naturally the first thing I did, knowing his flight is supposed to land at 5:55, is check the arrivals listings.

I first went to Pearson International’s shiny new website ( and checked the arrivals listings:

OK,  so it is going to be delayed by 10 minutes. No big deal, actually helps me out because I am running a bit behind schedule myself. No harm, no foul.

Then, on a whim, I decided to go to the actual airline’s website and see if they were telling a different story in regard to the flight’s arrival. Here is what I was presented with:

At first when I saw the green “On Time” indicator at the top of the page I thought to myself, “Cool! Pearson’s website was wrong! The flight is actually on time!”

Then I thought, “Oh, CRAP! I now have 10 minutes less to get my butt out the door!”

Then, I looked closely at the page and saw the bottom where it lists the arrival information. Scheduled to land 17:55 with a revised landing time of 18:05. How is that “On Time”? Can I go for a job interview 10 minutes late and tell them I am TOTALLY on time because “Airline X” considers it on time? I should apply for a job at this airline and when I arrive late break out this screenshot and ask them to prove to me that I am late since by their own definition of “on time” I am exactly that.

The kicker here, ladies and gents, is that the flight managed to depart from Heathrow 2 minutes early. Not a big head start by any stretch of the imagination but it is an early take off. Still, Airline X is managing to be late and yet claiming they are on time.

Amazing. All I can do is shake my head and laugh.

Airliner silhouette picture above via

Blogging On A Budget II: Giving Stock Images & Photos

April 11, 2011 7 comments

Still dunno which one to choose.

In yesterday’s post ,”Blogging On A Budget: The Unglamorous Part – Getting Stock Images & Photos”, I talked about trying to blog on a budget and getting stock imagery. I mentioned how learning what the rights are to use images from Flickr or elsewhere on the web and knowing how to abide by the Creative Commons Licenses can be tedious. I also mentioned how knowing exactly the right thing to do in terms of correctly using the images takes way more effort than I am willing to put in when I have to post something that day for the Post-A-Day 2011 Challenge and it is 11:30pm. I still don’t even know which of the licenses to choose from the Creative Commons Licenses available on the flickr but I guess I will have to read through the FAQ they give for choosing at some point. The pictures I have thus far posted are available on my flickr stream at but until I get the whole license thing worked out don’t worry – I got some pics for you right here!

So ya, this isn’t going to be a wordy post at all but I hope I make up for it in the value these photos gain for you should you ever need them. They are mundane, I know, but they are or could be useful to you at some point and then you’ll know where you can grab them. I am always open to suggestions of pictures I should take around Toronto, just let me know.

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Toronto’s Cell Phone Lot

February 20, 2011 6 comments

Cell Phone (Parking) Lot Sign at Toronto's Pearson Airport (YYZ)

I just came from picking up my friends at Toronto’s main airport, Pearson International (YYZ). Like most airports these days Pearson has a “Cell Phone Lot” where people can wait for their friends & family without sitting on the side of the highway.

The one thing that puzzles me to this day about the way it is set up is in order to get to the Cell Phone Lot from the 401 West (the most direct route from Toronto) is to go through Terminal 1’s Arrival area. I’ve always wondered, doesn’t this just cause a bunch of unnecessary traffic in the Arrivals area? Shouldn’t they route traffic around the area?

The route I am obligated to take from the 401 to the 409 through Pearson International to the Cell Phone Lot due to lack of signs.

Maybe they do have a way to get to it but if they do I don’t know it and they certainly don’t have any signs like the one in the top picture on the highway to indicate the route to the lot. If there is a way there wouldn’t it be sensible to put up signs to that effect? I would think a fair number of people coming to the airport via the 401 to the 409 are going to pick up friends and family. I often see lineups of cars parked along the 409 waiting for a call from friends and families because many people are clearly unaware that the Cell Phone Lot exists. Maybe the GTAA (Greater Toronto Airports Authority) or the City of Mississsauga and Regional Muncipality of Peel (where the airport is located) should go to where these lineups of cars ALWAYS are and put up signs directing them to the Lot.

This is something to be looked into in my opinion. What do you think?

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