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I Won A BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK! Got To Get To Chicago To Pick It Up & Party Thurs!

April 25, 2011 10 comments

W00T! W00T! Remember how I asked you folks last week to help me in my endeavor to win a PlayBook from BlackBerry at their #PlayBookCHI party? Well guess what folks…I won a PlayBook!!! As you know already all last week I was getting people to tweet and retweet my name on Twitter (@TheDanLevy) along with the BlackBerry account (@BlackBerry) and the name of the party, #PlayBookCHI.

Well, today, just as people had predicted would happen, I got followed by the BlackBerry account out of the blue at 7:01pm Toronto time. As I said, people had already told me about this happening when they won a PlayBook from the #PlayBookTO event which I went to last week so I was somewhat prepared for this to happen. To be fair, I didn’t know if I was for sure going to win but I had a sneaking suspicion judging from the amount of times my name appeared with the #PlayBookCHI hashtag thanks to all you beautiful people.

Then, at 7:06pm I received this message:

Congrats! You’re a winner in the #PlayBookCHI contest! Pls respond via DM w/ your full name & email address ASAP!
Direct message sent by Research In Motion (@BlackBerry) to you (@TheDanLevy) on Apr 25, 7:06 PM.

Dan's Prospective Toronto-Chicago Road Trip For #PlayBookCHI

That Happy Dancing Snoopy above doesn’t begin to describe the gigantic smile that crept onto my face when I saw that Direct Message (aka private message). I am still waiting for the email with all the details but I am expecting it shortly. It is actually going to be one heck of a trip because my best friend who lives in London England decided this would be a great weekend to come home. As well, one of my other best friends – the three of us were like brothers in high school and in the year after when we all went to Israel together – is in town for Passover with his wife and kids. All three of us in the same city at the same time hasn’t happened in about 7 years so it is going to be a rush back to Toronto right after the PlayBook Chicago Party to hang out with the old crew which will be sweet!

OK, truth be told I probably will spend some time in Chicago…maybe go to a White Sox or Cubs game if they’re in town and definitely see my friends Matt & Ari who I haven’t seen in years either. Hmm, maybe the move should be to go to Chicago on Wednesday and not Thursday. Decisions decisions! Sort of wish I didn’t have to drive there but if I could afford a flight to Chicago then I wouldn’t really need to win a PlayBook in the first place now would I? Also, the trip is going to be EPIC with me blogging and tweeting my way there and back.

Basically, this is shaping up to be one busy next few days! WOOO!

Oh, also, if any of you have retrogradations for what I should make the hashtag for my trip to Chicago on Twitter I would love to hear it. #DanDoesIL? #DansPBRoadTrip? #DansDebacle? #DansDebauchedDrive?

Help Me Win A BlackBerry PlayBook So I Can Blog Better On The Go!

April 21, 2011 7 comments

OK, so here’s the deal. Research In Motion (aka RIM) the makers of BlackBerry smartphones released a tablet device onto the market this past week called the PlayBook. In celebration of the release of this device they had launch parties for the socialites and cool people but they also are running a series of contests via Twitter for regular shmoes like you and me!

The first of these contests was right in my neck of the woods, in Toronto, but somehow I completely missed out on it. #EpicFAIL by Dan, I know. The FIFTY winners of the contest got to go to a party with 3 friends held by RIM in their respective city and drink free booze, eat free appetizers and at the end of the night the 50 winners (not their guests unfortunately because I was one of those) got a FREE PlayBook! Ya, I was pretty annoyed I missed out on this contest especially when everyone told me how easy it had been to win and how little effort they put in to getting themselves retweeted and mentioned with the hashtag. In fact, my very writing of this blog post – if they are to be believed – is a waste of time and energy but hey I wanted to write it anyway!

Back to my point, the next three parties and contests/are being held for Washington DC, Chicago, and Atlanta. I really, really want a PlayBook because I totally see the use of having something that is bigger than my beloved BlackBerry Torch to view and edit media – and browse the full internet – but yet not as big as my Dell Studio 1558 laptop (which I also freaking love). Thankfully, I have a number of friends in Chicago, friends I haven’t seen in a long time and that I would really like to hang out with and visit and who’ll provide me with a warm bed (I hope, I should probably ask them). As well, Chicago is a totally drivable distance from Toronto – and it is within a reasonable driving distance: 8 hours and 59 minutes according to Google Maps. So I figure if I win I will take a road trip for the PlayBook, see some friends in Chicago and attend my second PlayBook launch party – the first being the Toronto one which the lovely Corina aka @corecorina invited me to join her as one of her +3.  Unless, of course, someone out there wants to pay for me to fly to Chicago and put me up in a hotel there – that’d be awesome but I don’t expect it to actually happen. I have driven to New York City a BUNCH of times and it is about the same amount of driving in hours so this shouldn’t be too bad. I have done the trip solo and with a group so I am not expecting any difficulties making this drive.

Tomorrow the contest enters its final day with ‘voting’ ending at 5pm Eastern Daylight Time (this part of the contest sort of confuses me, as Chicago is on CDT or Central Daylight Time an hour behind EDT which is Eastern Daylight Time). So, all I ask of you folks is if you’d be so kind (and have Twitter), please will you either retweet this tweet located here:!/TheDanLevy/status/61070691994312704.

That tweet linked above reads: Plz RT & #help me win @BlackBerry I wanna go so bad to #PlayBookCHI I’ll #roadtrip 10hrs & cross international borders to attend! #TrueStory


You can tweet anything you want as long as it includes 3 things:

  1. My twitter name @TheDanLevy
  2. BlackBerry’s twitter name @BlackBerry
  3. The hashtag #PlayBookCHI
So if you can copy and paste the sequence below into Twitter and tweet it I will forever appreciate it!

I grant you the above is completely nonsensical and I do not recommend tweeting that, I suggest adding SOME words to make it into a proper sentence but I think you get the gist.

Remember, if I win and I go to Chicago you guys get some (probably) amusing stories from the roadtrip and possibly more pictures like the one above and to the left! It also means I will be available to help everyone with their PlayBook questions and problems AND will be able to generate more content for this blog in general.

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