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I Completely Disagree With Your #StopHarper Methods Brigette DePape AKA Brigette Marcelle

June 3, 2011 30 comments

Brigette DePape aka Brigette Marcelle, (what is your real name anyway?) this is an open letter to you. Before I begin I want to make clear I am not endeavoring to debate partisan politics with this post.

I understand that you aren’t happy with the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I understand that you didn’t vote for him and are clearly disappointed that he is the Prime Minister of Canada. I have read your press release (copy/pasted/linked below) and I am happy that democracy and freedom is strong and healthy in this country. The very fact hat you feel safe enough to pull a stunt like you did is obviously indicative of that. Quite frankly though, I don’t care about your opinion if it involves doing what you did. That you felt so strongly that you believe you have the right to disrupt our government based on your own whim is disgusting to me. What kind of self-centered brat are you? Whether or not you like the man, respect the office and respect the traditions that make Canada what it is today. Do not disrespect the office because you dislike the man.

“Most People In The Country Know…”

I have read your press release and parts of it reads like the rantings of a crazy person. Read more…

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