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Not Good: Many On The Political Left Lack Empathy For The Entire Political Spectrum

April 19, 2011 6 comments

A note before I begin: To the friend I am referring to in this article. Know that you were just the catalyst for this particular post. I have had MANY similar discussions or been witness to many similar feelings in the past. I am not trying to single you out and, indeed, I am sure there are plenty of people with different political ideologies than yours who feel the same way as you seem to about people of different political ilks.

I got into a discussion recently with a friend of mine who considers herself a political liberal (never mind the specific political party she identifies with, that lowercase ‘l’ was deliberate).

The discussion I had with her wasn’t so much about politics – although I felt at many points there were attempts to dodge my questions and turn into a discussion about politics – it was more about people.

For the purposes of this post I am not going to be posting the conversation verbatim because that would be way too long and I don’t remember it all in every detail.

I asked her that hypothetically when George W. Bush had been president if she had heard he was shot at but had no idea whether or not he was hurt, alive, or dead, would she wish him well. Her response was that she wouldn’t care.

I was taken aback, but pressed on, asking, “But, isn’t George W. Bush, at the end of the day, just another person? Shouldn’t we care for all people and wish them all well?” Her reply was that George W. Bush probably didn’t care about her if she were to be in the same situation. Read more…

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April 16, 2011 1 comment

Stop Whining, Rob Ford Isn’t Even Mayor Yet!

October 28, 2010 2 comments

This was a post I wrote when replying to a friend on Facebook’s posting of a Miami, FL newspaper article. The paper was making fun of the newly elected Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford. It is quite irrelevant who I voted for, or if I even voted for the purposes of my post.

The discussion being had by the people on Facebook posting underneath the article, all around Downtown Toronto, and all over Twitter was that Rob Ford is a fool and makes idiotic statements. Well, I have news for you, no business really cares about who the mayor in terms of if he makes idiotic remarks. A business isn’t going to make a decision to headquarter in a city based on the fact that the mayor once smoked pot & says stupid things from time to time. Give a city high business taxes, high airport taxes, high property taxes, an extra tax just for owning a car & terrible public transit/infrastructure (aka TORONTO now) and a business is NOT going to locate in that city.

No tourist cares about who the mayor is and  if he makes idiotic remarks. Can you honestly say you’ve ever gone to a city on vacation and bothered to read the municipal politics news? Tourists care about things like the businesses care about and the questions below:

  • How cheap is it to come to the city? Well Toronto has one of the most expensive airports to land a plane IN THE WORLD making airfare here MUCH more expensive.
  • How can the tourist get around in the city? Take a cab or rent a car because if you want to actually see the city our transit system goes nowhere, is confusing, is expensive, is unreliable, is stuck in the 1970s technologically, where there are signs they are confusing or uninformative, and its employees have never heard the words Customer Service.

People come to Toronto and laugh at the ridiculousness of the transit system for a city this size. This past Saturday night it took me NINETY MINUTES at 2am on an OVERFLOWING bus up Yonge to get from Adelaide & Yonge to Wilson Station area – that’s almost triple the time a subway ride would take. People think of moving to the city and decide against it due to the high taxes and some of the worst traffic in the world coupled with the longest on average commute in the world. Businesses choose to locate elsewhere for the same reasons. When Mel Lastman was the Mayor of Toronto he ran his mouth a bunch of times and said stupid things. Even still there was a reason he was re-elected with 80% of the vote in 2000 after only narrowly defeating Barbara Hall in 1997. Compare that to David Miller who beat Jon Tory by a less narrow margin of 43% to 38% and then got re-elected with 50% of the vote (only a 7% increase). I would think most of us would agree that David Miller is a much more polished individual when compared to Mel Lastman.

People care about results. If Rob Ford wants to be a mayor like Mel Lastman in the colorfully quotable department; and he remains transparent, tames the unions and spending, and lowers taxes nobody is going to care or even really remember the idiotic quotes. He will be remembered as making this truly a “City That Works” as it was dubbed by Anthony Astrachan in 1975. (Who knows, maybe it did “work” then).

At this point stop your complaining. Rob Ford has been elected, DEAL WITH IT!

The fact is, Rob Ford is not even in the mayor’s office yet. He has yet to actually do anything as mayor so you really have NOTHING to whine about. Judge him on his actions and his decisions in office and their results, they’ll speak louder than his words.

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