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Please Stop Asking Questions That Are Easily Answered By A Google Search

June 5, 2011 7 comments

Really. It is enough already people. Are you that freaking lazy?

What annoys me so much about this is that the people who I find ask me these questions the most are the ones who are very well versed in using the Interwebs and searching online for whatever they need in general. This is what I find most annoying and why I feel you have no excuse to ask me such questions. Google is only a click away people, use it!

I have made a decision – next time you ask me a question that is easily answerable by a quick Google search – such as the address of a place or directions to a place I will hang up on you and simply not answer your phone call next time you call. This also goes for people who ask me the dress code for a venue. All you have to do is Google it and go to their website – if it doesn’t say it there then you can call them and ask don’t ask me. If that doesn’t work then I suggest you treat leaving your house on any occasion as a black tie event and dress accordingly. You will never be under-dressed again!

Try turning your brains on people.

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Twitter Add These Features Already!

January 31, 2011 3 comments

Twitter home page for "New Twitter"

Ever since the advent of New Twitter I have quite enjoyed using it when I go on the site. But there are still a number of features that Twitter needs to implement and soon (in my opinion). Don’t get me wrong, New Twitter does bring some cool and needed functionality, along with GUI improvements.

However, the bulk of people I know who use Twitter regularly don’t really use the website and prefer to stick to the API accessing 3rd party applications such as TweetDeck, HootSuite, ÜberTwitter, and Seesmic. Therefore, changes like automatically showing pictures linked to in tweets on is nice and all but nobody cares because apps mentioned above have been doing similar things for quite a while.

Features that I and other people I polled on Twitter think Twitter needs to add already. I understand there is redundancy here but whatever.

I’ll give you a hint where this is going – its all about searching!

  1. It should be possible to jump to a specific days’ tweets/@mentions/(your own) DMs
  2. The ability to search within your own tweet stream for specific words or hashtags or @mentions/@replies. *
  3. The ability to search within a specific user’s tweet stream for specific words or hashtags. *

*I am aware that you can do these searches on the advanced search page at but its annoying to have to go to another page why isn’t it directly on the main page or even accessible via the search bar on the main page.

Do you have any other suggestions

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