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Better Picture Describing Barbara Frum Library Front Entrance Area

January 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Barbara Frum Toronto Public Library 01.2012 main floor

When I was writing the blog post about the Barbara Frum Library the other day I didn’t feel as if I was really getting across the way it was set up with the picture I had attached so I decided when I went back I would get a better picture and explain it all better. To give you a point of reference the picture in the previous post was taken from the left hand side of this picture looking toward the librarian/clerk desk from across the room.

As well, I looked to see if there was any large and prominent signage indicating where everything was and there absolutely was not anything of the sort. The closest thing to signage was right above the actual return slot there was an 8×11 piece of paper hung horizontally with the word RETURNS in a large font. Because of the pillars and the size of this sheet of paper ir was completely invisible from the front doors of the library which is the point where any rational person is most likely to be looking for the returns slot.

Barbara Frum Toronto Public Library 01.2012 main floor from steps

  • Purple Arrow Entrance guarded by RFID detectors like you see in stores.
  • Red Arrows (Left) 2 self checkout stations. (Right) 1 self checkout station.
  • Green Arrow Librarian and clerk desk.
  • Blue Arrow Badly signed return slot.

Hope that gives you a better understanding of the remodeled main floor of the Barbara Frum Branch of the Toronto Public Library.

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