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WordPress Deactivates Blogs En Masse, This Blog Was A Casualty, & The QUICK Resolution By WP Support

December 14, 2011 3 comments

A little after noon today my friend Alexander called me to tell me he couldn’t access my blog. At first I didn’t understand what he meant because (a) I didn’t believe it and (b) I really needed that coffee I was in the midst of making for a early afternoon boost so I had to have him repeat himself. Once I fully grasped his meaning my blood ran cold. I ran to my computer and opened up my blog. I was greeted with a page very similar to the one you see below:

LNN Suspended by WordPress Screen Shot 2011-12-14 via @CasieStewart

That image is actually via my friend Casie Stewart‘s Posterous here I don’t know why I didn’t screen shot it but there you go. I next opened up my blog’s dashboard and saw this (keep going below for full text):

LNN violated WordPress TOS cropped

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