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A Business Card (And Life) Lesson: Don’t Self Deprecate

August 25, 2011 6 comments

I am trying to figure out the best way to write this without self deprecating myself (which is what I’m advising we should all avoid) so realize this as you read this post. The business card you see below is the business card which I’m currently using. I have had them for a bunch of years as when I ordered them I got 1,000 and really didn’t need to hand them out much until the past year. Even then, I often had business cards from other places for which I was working.

I had these cards made by Staples and they are, as I mentioned basic. However, the contact information is all still completely valid even while the title and stated raison d’etre of the cards aren’t.

However, the thing that I have realized more and more as I hand these cards out is not to belittle them as I hand them out. I used to go places with these cards in hand and when someone asked, “Do you have a card?” I would pull out one of these and start excusing their basic appearance. People have said to me when I did that, “Oh, is the contact information valid?” to which I obviously replied the affirmative. They then would shrug and say that it was fine because that’s all they care about.

When I (or you) self-deprecate your card you are also self-deprecating yourself. Don’t make excuses, it doesn’t matter. Read more…

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