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Should Technology Be Leaving Seniors Behind?

November 5, 2011 6 comments

New credit cards, as I am sure many of you have noticed, have done away with signing to approve your transaction. These days we all have credit cards with the chips where you have a PIN (Personal Identification Number) instead of signing a slip to approve the transaction. For most of us who are used to having debit cards this isn’t such a big shift from the norm but for senior citizens it is a completely different story. A lot of senior citizens have never used an ATM or had a debit card because they are used to just going to the teller when they need money. As well, many senior citizens – in my experience – are not really ones for learning new ways to do things.

Is it fair for us as a society to just leave our elderly citizens in the dust? I have heard of different senior citizens who because technology is advancing beyond their knowledge are being left behind and essentially can’t function by themselves. I am not, of course, talking about people who are losing their full mental faculties due to the ravages of age. I am talking about people who have lived successful and full lives and are still very independent and if all things remained the same they wouldn’t have any issues living without help from anyone.

I was raised to believe we should respect our elders but are we as a society respecting our elders? I completely understand the reason why credit cards have moved towards the chip and PIN technology, it is because of security. The problem is, again, that we might be leaving certain sectors of society behind and I just have to wonder, is that OK? What do you think?

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