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Blogging From Your Phone With WordPress Apps

August 28, 2011 1 comment

wordpress for blackberry writing screen torch 9800 phone draft

The above is what the screen on my BlackBerry Torch 9800’s WordPress app looks like. Pretty basic interface right?

What my way of doing thing with this basic app is that I will often start the post with a title and pictures and tags and then, usually on the subway, I will load up the post that doesn’t have words and fill in my thoughts.

That’s my tip for all you bloggers using the WordPress apps be it BlackBerry, Android, or iOS. The apps themselves aren’t great especially for embedding pictures and posting around them. The apps also do a bad job of setting up your title for SEO purposes and using the full version to do a quick setup makes things end up looking so much nicer.

WordPress For Android App Is Way Better Than The BlackBerry App But Missing 1 Important Feature

June 14, 2011 1 comment

I love that I can write blog posts from my devices – Android or BlackBerry. It makes life so much easier when you are on the go as much as I am that I can write a blog post from virtually anywhere so long as I have cell phone service. I can even write a post where I do not have cell phone service and then post it once I get into an area where the cellular network reaches – as long as I load the post up in my app before I go into an out of service area (usually underground on the subway).

When I started writing here for the PostADay Challenge I was using the WordPress for BlackBerry app – which is available in BlackBerry App World here and WordPress has a blog about their BlackBerry app here – and for the most part it was sufficient to accomplish my needs in terms of actually being able to publish posts. The BlackBerry apps has its quirks to be sure but it works and it gets the job done and to me – especially within the confines of this challenge – that is all that matters.

One huge aspect which I loved about blogging from my BlackBerry, or writing long items in general, was the keyboard. Still nothing I have found beats that physical keyboard that BlackBerry puts on their devices. Maybe this is indicative of me becoming an old fogey, set in his ways but I think it is a personal preference thing. Maybe I should interview some kids and ask them but I don’t think we have a sampling old enough yet to really give an opinion…maybe in a couple of years.

Moving right along, about a month ago I started testing an HTC Incredible S from Bell for another blog I write for and that phone uses the Android OS. Naturally, one of the first things I did was look in the Android Market to find the WordPress app here and I have also found and WordPress for Android blog here. I found this app to be MUCH more user friendly than its BlackBerry counterpart. You could do more with it, publish easier and the whole thing just seemed to work better. One huge thing was that the way it interpreted the menu structure when searching for media actually made sense vs the BlackBerry app where finding an image is darn near impossible. Also, as I mentioned above, typing on a non-physical keyboard just doesn’t compare to typing on my good old BlackBerry keyboard – but then again, maybe I will get used to it sometime soon, although my friend never did with his iPhone.

There is one thing that seems to be missing from both of these apps and I think it something that is somewhat important – URL customization. This is important for the purposes of driving traffic to your blog via SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What does that mean? Why did I suddenly start speaking gibberish? Why does a blogger care? I will explain:

If you look at the title of this post it is “WordPress For Android App Is Way Better Than The BlackBerry App But Missing 1 Important Feature“. If I were to let WordPress make up its own URL for my blog post – as I am required to do when I post from either of my phones – the blog url would read not So what’s the difference between the two? Well, a friend of mine who is an SEO specialist once explained to me that if you set you URLs to the latter then it will rank higher in Google because now when someone searches for: WordPress app SEO my post is more likely to come up because Google reads the URL to help decide what results to show you.

OK, so what does this mean? It means that my post titles are either going to have to be insanely boring and not as descriptive as I would prefer them to be when I compose/post from the road OR I am forced to just hope that random people find my blog anyway even though the posts are not optimized for search engines OR I have to set up a post before going out, manually set up the URL before I leave and then write it from the road. This isn’t to say I do not do that already – especially when it comes to inserting pictures in my post because doing that from WordPress apps is a massive pain (although it is possible) – but I think the whole app should be more user friendly and helpful to bloggers in this regard. Maybe there is a specific reason why WordPress doesn’t allow for it to happen from an engineering/programming standpoint but I do not know of such things. I am just a simple, humble, geeky bloggger.

Blogging About A Former High School Secretary In Quebec Brings Lots of Blog Traffic & Samantha Ardente Update

April 20, 2011 2 comments

I found this too amusing not to post about. People of the interwebs you are uber-horny! You folks probably remember my post on April 9 “Samantha Ardente”: If You Didn’t Want To Be Caught You Were Working In The WRONG Place well it seems it has been responsible for a massive up-tick in this blog’s traffic – mainly to that post.

What do you mean? You may be wondering. Well what I am referring to is that when my friend decided to google the name “Samantha Ardente” from his iPhone the first hit that popped up was my post linked above. I am unsure why this happened but it did…strangely enough it didn’t happen when I tried it on my BlackBerry or on my computer. Maybe Steve Jobs can explain it. Either way when I searched the same thing on my PC today my post came through in Chrome on the first page and in IE9 on the 3rd page (still pretty high up in my opinion).This is the only thing which I can attribute this massive increase in traffic although in order for it to mean anything you horny interwebbers must be actually clicking on the searches!

Still not convinced? You want more proof that Trekkie Monster from Avenue Q was right and the “Internet is for Porn”? (See a clip here for what I am referring to if you don’t know.) OK! You got it! It is only Wednesday and I already have beaten my traffic for all of last week by close to 1,000 hits and it is still growing. Before this, my site’s traffic was growing steadily because I was blogging every day but this explosion is all due to Samantha Ardente.  My top searches for the past 7 days all relate to Samantha Ardente in some manner in terms of the first 25 search results bringing people to my blog. Numbers 26 & 27 are “rotisserie chicken channel” and “importing chrome bookmarks to ie 9”.

So I want to say a thank you to all you horny people who came to this blog looking for Samantha Ardente and I wanted to welcome you to my blog. I also want to encourage you to look around and read some of the other less sexual material, when you’re done doing what you’re doing…and maybe wash your hands first.

LASTLY An Update on Samantha Ardente:

This comes via Samantha Ardente’s name is actually Julie Gagnon.

The former high school secretary has now announced that she has found a new job  – posing for nude photo spreads! She will be featured in Summum Magazine’s May (Mai in French) issue which hits the stands tomorrow. If you want to check out Summum Magazine’s website be aware it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK as it is an ADULT MAGAZINE – here it is

As well, she has launched a website (I couldn’t find it with a quick search) and she plans to sell a range of sex products under the Samantha Ardente brand. I wonder if this will be marketed to French Canada only or not.

Lastly, it is now being claimed by Samantha Ardente aka Julie Gagnon that the 14 year old student who was reported to have wanted an autograph from her actually wanted oral sex. When she refused, the student put up the Facebook page and told the entire high school which is what outed Ms Gagnon and caused her to lose her job (in the school, not the adult entertainment industry).

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