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April Fools’ Day 2011 – My Favorite Pranks

April 6, 2011 2 comments

This year I saw a number of pranks put out there some more amusing than others. One, I took part in on a different blog I write for where we center on cellular devices. We announced at 12:01 AM on April 1 that we had managed to obtain pictures of the iPhone 5. I actually wrote the blog post and made the rudimentary graphic which said “Gotcha!” and wished every one of our readers a happy April Fools’ Day 2011. Apparently people really enjoyed the joke and playing it on their friends because the blog post was retweeted on Twitter 90 times and shared across the internet many, many more times.

As well, Google put out a number of different ‘pranks’ including one where if you typed the name of the very popular font “Helvetica” into Google the results all appeared in the much maligned “Comic Sans” font as seen in the picture below from Huffington Post (the ‘prank’ is no longer live) article about it.

Google played another bunch of jokes on all of us including the idea of Gmail Motion where people would supposedly be able to compose emails and control Gmail entirely via making motions at their webcams. This, naturally, led to a bunch of people over at ICT MxR Lab making it a reality using the Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect sensor as reported by Tom’s Guide among numerous other places. I have attached the YouTube video of “Gmail Motion” in action using the ICT MxR Lab’s Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect software below.

However, one of my favorite pranks was definitely the one covered by TheCellularGuru today which surfaced on Reddit yesterday: A news anchor in San Diego on Fox 5 channeled the spirit of the great Ron Burgundy and pranked his fellow co-anchor. What he did was he downloaded an app that made beer pouring noises and poured “beer” into a glass on the screen of an iPad. He then, with the help of the entire news crew of Fox 5, convinced his female co-anchor that she should be able to smell the beer poured. When she was not able to smell it he looked at her befuddled and said, “OK, well then, you should be able to taste it! Lick the screen, and you will be able to taste it.”

This being a live news cast in the morning, the co-anchor complied after a couple of seconds of convincing and, well, check out the video linked below to see what happened.

As of right now this can also be viewed on YouTube here I also embedded it below but I put the above video first because it is official and who knows how much longer this viral video will be available via the YouTube link.

Raoul Martinez, in my mind you definitely won April Fools’ Day 2011, pranking someone on live TV during a news broadcast is just absolute, sheer genius! However, if I were you I’d be on the lookout for April Fools’ Day 2012 when your co-anchor Shally Zomorodi is probably going to be getting you back. Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold!

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