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FREE Ice Cream At The Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake’s 30th Birthday & Guinness Record Breaking Attempt

May 10, 2011 3 comments

I am setting this to post at 8:45 AM on Tuesday, May 10 but this was written at a little after 1 AM, roughly 8 hours beforehand.

Today, in Toronto’s Yonge-Dundas Square the folks at Dairy Queen Canada will be attempting to break the Guinness World Record for largest ice cream cake ever built? (I think that’s the right word). The event is in honor of the 30th Birthday of the Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake. I originally found out about the event thanks to Val via her blog post here about this event.

According to the @DQCanada account on Twitter the hashtag for tomorrow’s event is #dqworldrecord so even if you can’t make it you can at least follow the awesomeness on Twitter.

According to the information from the Dairy Queen Canada’s Facebook Event here construction of the giant cake will begin at 11 AM although I have read elsewhere it will begin at 9 AM. I don’t know how much people will want to watch the construction of the cake, I think they’ll be more interested in the EATING of the cake. I also have got to wonder how the heck they’re going to keep the thing cold while they’re still building it…maybe the upper layers are insulating the lower ones? I assume they have figured this out in their engineering and planning of the event.

The cake will be made of OREO ice cream and will weigh in at a hefty at 21,000 pounds! (That’s roughly 9,500 kilograms). People online like SheDoesTheCity are opining that we are going to need a really big fork for this event but I have a feeling I am going to need a serious SPORK for this event…it is definitely my utensil of choice for all ice cream cake eating. Don’t know what a spork is you say? Well it’s the love child of a fork and a spoon which combines the sticking and picking up abilities of the fork with the bowl like capacity of the spoon. It is perfect for eating ice cream cake, chili, a really hearty soup and other things where you’d be missing out if you used only a fork or a spoon.

Anyhow, the eating of the cake will take place between 12 and 2 in Yonge-Dundas Square tomorrow. There will be the press on-hand to watch and photograph the event. Patient ambassadors from SickKids and the Children’s Miracle Network, and many others will provide great camera/photo opps and interviews.

Two special celebrity guests – Olympic Curler Cheryl Bernard (who will also be MC) and Brian Burke, the Toronto Maple Leafs President & GM – will be in attendance at the event which should be really cool. I wonder if they consulted Cheryl and Brian to find out what their favorite flavor of ice cream cake was before Dairy Queen chose what was going to go into the cake. I wonder if Brian Burke is going to bring any of the Leafs out tomorrow.

The cost of the event is FREE but you are encouraged to make a donation for SickKids.

According to the CBC article about the event the release from Dairy Queen says people should bring their “kids, colleagues, neighbours, friends and Tupperware containers — there will be more than enough to go around.” If nothing else it will be a heck of a dessert after lunch if you work in the Yonge-Dundas area and can make it out.

Hat tip to Val whose blog post here first let me know about this event.

Photo of Invitation above via post 

Spork picture via Wikipedia Spork article

AmberMac’s #THRIVEtastic Day And A Fun Use For Tulips

March 11, 2011 Leave a comment


@AmberMac with some of the flowers at Yonge-Dundas Square



As I mentioned the other day in this post Amber MacArthur had to spent $7,000 from ING DIRECT Canada within 7 hours to win $15,000 for the charity of her choice and an extra $15,000 if she did it faster than 3 other celebrities in different Canadian cities.

Well, with the help of some of her Twitter friends (yours truly included) she made it! Alas, Amber didn’t have the fastest time so she didn’t get the extra money for the charity but $15,000 to any charity is pretty awesome! As well, during the course of the day Amber gave money to UNICEF, bought toys for the kids at SickKids, donated supplies to the Humane Society, and even paid off one person’s credit card bill!

For a full run down of the day as documented by AmberMac herself check out The Lavin Agency’s Blog post by Amber herself titled “How to Spend $7,000 in Seven Hours: Amber Mac Gets Generous for Charity


Flower/Gadget giveaway in Yonge-Dundas Square wrap up. After this it was off to the Hard Rock Cafe


I myself was one of the people on Twitter who tweeted back at Amber and won a $100 money transfer as well as getting some really nice red tulips at Yonge-Dundas Square. After being asked by 3 women at the Eaton Centre as I walked past why I bought them flowers as it wasn’t their birthday I decided to test out a theory – I went over to a random cute girl and chatted her up pretending to “know” it was her birthday and that was why I “bought her” the tulips. It elicited a laugh, a smile, and a phone number. I ended up bringing the tulips to my mom and letting her enjoy them. #Winning.

Also, side note: Guys, if you ever have a bundle of flowers apparently we look ‘so cute’ if we walk with them carried horizontally in our hands at our sides. It gives off a look of we don’t-know-what-to-do-with-these-things to the ladies so carry them vertically, in front of you, and show the world how proud you are to have flowers in your hands (even if you aren’t).


Toronto: AmberMac Needs Your Help To Win Money For Charity. Just Come Out & Let Her & ING DIRECT Buy You Stuff!

March 8, 2011 7 comments

This afternoon I saw the tweet (above) from the well known Amber “AmberMac” MacArthur (@AmberMac on Twitter). Seems tomorrow Amber will be representing the Toronto part of a contest being run by ING DIRECT Canada. She will be competing against 3 other celebrities in 3 other Canadian cities as a promotion for THRiVE Chequing. The competition? A SPENDING SPREE!!!

The way it works is like this, “[f]or each THRiVEtastic contestant, DIRECT will donate $15,000 to the charity of their choice.” Each celebrity is tasked with spending $7,000 within 7 hours as fast as they can following 10 rules (listed below). Doing this will win an additional $15,000 for their choice of charity.

HOWEVER, there’s one further catch – the celebs can spend the money on anyone EXCEPT themselves.

Amber has chosen as her charity of choice The Therapeutic Clown Program at The Hospital For Sick Children (aka SickKids) in Toronto. This charity is so important for obvious reasons but for me it is all the more important. See, when I was born I had a heart condition called Pulmonary Valve Stenosis which required open heart surgery at, you guessed it, SickKids when I was only 3 months old. That makes this charity Amber has chosen especially near and dear to my own heart (literally and figuratively!) Therefore, I’ll be there just doing my part for charity, the free stuff has NOTHING to do wIth My Life trajectorY brINGing me there at that time. 😉

So if you’re around Yonge-Dundas Square at 1pm in Toronto tomorrow come out and help Amber win some money for SickKids from the generous folks over at ING DIRECT Canada. There’s massive fringe benefits for you too as you might be one of the lucky recipients of one of the FREE MONEY transfers or FREE GADGETS.

You can also follow the tweets with this hashtag #THRIVEtastic, check out the ING Direct Canada’s Facebook page about the contest here, and check out ING DIRECT Canada’s Twitter account @SuperStarSaver.


#THRiVEtastic Rules:

  1. Spend $7,000 on everyone BUT themselves – as fast as they can.
  2. Can’t spend more than $700 at a time.
  3. Can call 3 friends for spending advice.
  4. Must purchase 3 orange things.
  5. Must visit an Exchange® Network ABM* (max. $700).
  6. Must make an email money transfer.
  7. Must make 3 donations in person.
  8. Must field 3 Tweets and 3 Facebook requests (#THRiVEtastic or Facebook/SuperStarSaver).
  9. Must visit an ING DIRECT Café and pay one person’s utility bill (max. $250).
  10. Must write at least 1 cheque from your THRiVE Chequing Account.


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