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Social Media Week (#SMWTO) = Busy Dan

February 9, 2011 2 comments

As I stand here with @JoelReilly, @amirad, and @abbylai at #SMWNKPR the Social Media Week at NPRK and I realized between the 3 Social Media Week Toronto (#SMWTO) events I have been to today I have had barely any time to write any good content for y’all to read.

This Post-A-Day challenge is HARD!
Today I went to the amazing event Social Media For Mayor (#SM4Mayor) moderated by my friend @MichaelNus talking about the municipal elections in 2010 and election campaigns in general and how Social Media affected – or didn’t affect – the outcome of the race.
I then went to the Smartphones & Cocktails put on by Nokia with the rest of the Toronto based team, GuruDaniel and CellGuru. It was a very interesting event but I missed the majority of the speech (that made me a #SadPanda). Now I am at NPRK for an event where I wasn’t on the registered list but they let me in because I asked nicely. I missed the speech beforehand but the networking here is amazing!!!

OH @JoelReilly: “The most important thing for anyone to know is that we closed out the bar.”
OH addition to @JoelReilly’s comment by @amirad: “…with vodka in our hands.”

I can’t wait for tomorrow!!!
Thanks for reading!

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