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Being A Yes Man Leading To Adventure AGAIN!

August 10, 2011 Leave a comment


Blowfish Toronto King & Bathurst Exterior

Blowfish Toronto King & Bathurst Exterior

Tonight I came out to Future Shop’s “Speed Dating” event to launch their new phones and tablets for their back to school promos. It was amazing and I’m sure you’ll all be impressed with the knowledge exhibited by the Future Shop employees I met tonight at their respective stores. These folks really knew their stuff and knew it well!

While I was there I met a bunch of cool people and now I am somehow at the Blowfish 8 Year Anniversary Party which is rocking. In case you don’t know – because I didn’t! – Blowfish is a restaurant lounge at King & Bathurst in Toronto. It is, from what I can see on Foursquare, a Japanese style restaurant and lounge and apparently they have some great “mixologists”. I am excited to see where this night takes me because I really have no idea at this juncture.

What’s awesome is that I have now discovered a cool, new place in Toronto that I have never been to before. This party is banging even though it is, according to the bouncers, wrapping up shortly. I am told we might end up at the Drake Hotel on Queen West afterward but only time will tell. Again! This is why I always preach being a Yes Man! You never know where it might take you.

Have you done any Yes Man/Yes Women adventures lately? Where did it lead?

Be A ‘Yes Man’!

January 30, 2011 6 comments

You may remember this movie, you may not. The movie was a Jim Carrey movie from 2008 called ‘Yes Man‘ and the basic premise is that Jim Carrey’s character makes an agreement to say yes to everything he is asked. The results of this are amazing for Jim Carrey’s character as his life moves in fantastic new directions and he experiences things he never thought possible beforehand. I just saw this movie this weekend and it really spoke to me and I especially thought of it today.

‘”The world’s a playground. You know that when you are a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.” I think it is so key that none of us ever forgets this.’

People have asked me numerous times over the past little while. “How am always doing so much cool stuff?” and “Where do I find out about all this awesome stuff?” and here is my secret…I have for many years been a “Yes Man”. I don’t say yes to everything offered to me obviously because that would just be ridiculous. But I do my utmost to try to experience life to the fullest and experience everything I can and eat as many servings as I can from the buffet of life. Obviously, it doesn’t always end up being the coolest thing in the world that I go to or participate in but the experiences I have are always worth it in my opinion. One line from Zooey Deschanel’s  character Allison really spoke to me “The world’s a playground. You know that when you are a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.” I think it is so key that none of us ever forgets this.

But then I get the people who ask me the questions I mention above and tell me to let them know next time I am going to be doing something cool and then refuse to come out when I tell them about stuff going on. A couple of months later they will invariably again ask me how I find out about cool stuff & to invite them out/tell them about it. Now why would I do that? You already feigned interest in going out and enjoying the cornucopia of spectacles that our world has to offer and when faced with the opportunity to come enjoy them with me you refused time after time. How about the next time you hear about something YOU invite ME! I have a whole bunch of ‘naysaying friends’ whom I love individually in their own ways but who refuse to come out. Like one friend who I invited out to the Yelp Elite Event she spent 45 minutes arguing with me about whether or not she would ride public transit to get to the event or how she was going to get there. She wanted me to come pick her up (she lives north of me), drive her downtown, not drink the whole night (where there’s an open bar) all so I could have the privilege of her company at an awesome event I am invited to and wanted her to enjoy with me. I ended up hanging out with friends I only met in the past couple of months via Twitter – as I mentioned in a different previous post here meeting people on Twitter in Toronto changed my personal life.

They are the “do-ers”.

They are the “Yes Men (and Women)”.

They are the ones who, like Zooey Deschanel’s Allison, still haven’t forgotten that the world is our playground.

I am glad to be one of them.

Join Twitter! It Changes Your Personal Life From Good To AWESOMAZING!

January 12, 2011 4 comments

This post was inspired by the tweet of @JoelReilly when I was looking for something to blog about last night (and ended up doing the Cromwell & Cruthers review). Joel tweeted that I should “write about how twitter has changed [my] personal life”. So here it is.

(Cue informercial voice)

Hate being bored while waiting for appointments, on your commute, or at family gatherings?

Then you need The Twitter!

The Twitter is a new and awesome tool for social people who want to be social…

…just not with that smelly homeless guy sitting far away from you on the public transit…

…or with your religious fanatic cousin who thinks it’s their life mission to bring you closer to God!

Stella Artois LaSociete Bay Station Party With Brock McLaughlin & Richard Read

On a more serious note since I joined Twitter, actually since I started really using Twitter, my personal life has definitely changed for the better. Before I really started using Twitter I had my friends who I had built relationships with over the course of my life and who I had always been – and always probably will be – the “social glue” or “group networker” between them. Every year people tell me they only see certain other friends they fell out of touch with at my birthday party. Friends from high school and college turn to me to find out what the people they went to school with are up to because they know if anyone they still speak to know, it is me. Once I got involved in the world of Twitter – specifically the Toronto community – that all changed. No longer was I the one who was the glue amongst a circle of friends, the majority of people on Twitter are networkers too! No longer would I find out about something cool going on in the city and then spend hours looking for someone willing to go out, downtown to check it out.

(Side Note: A lot of my pre-Twitter friends live in Thornhill or even Richmond Hill and getting them to go ‘downtown’ on a weekday takes herculean efforts. Even the ones who live in North York like me are less than likely to come out on a Tuesday)

Once I got into the Twitter community of Toronto I made friends who are do-ers! It’s absolutely amazing! To be clear, when I say do-ers I don’t mean necessarily clubbing I mean just going out and being social and experiencing interesting things that life has to offer. If something cool is going on in the city you can be sure someone of my Twitter friends is going to be at that event or party or location. It is, to say the least, refreshing. You don’t know how many times I have had to have a discussion with my friends about actually going somewhere and doing something as opposed to going “up to Thornhill and chilling at [insert name here]’s place “. Sure, everyone likes down time and of course there are nights when I want to stay in and do nothing but for me more often than not I want to be doing something interesting.

Another aspect, which I haven’t had the chance to explore yet, is now I know interesting people in cities across North America who when I go to those cities it will be a joy to meet or even see again in some cases. Every day I am meeting new and interesting people, even when I am sitting at home doing ‘nothing’ and that to me is awesome.

#HoHoTO December 16, 2010 With a whole wack of Twitter Peeps. Photo by Hyfen on Flickr

Thanks to all my friends on Twitter for making my experiences on Twitter amazing. Thanks for helping me see Toronto in new and interesting ways. Thanks for being the awesomazing people you all are. Keep it up!

[HoHoTO 2010 photo via Hyfen on Flickr. Link here to the original.]

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