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IDEA: A Smarter Sports News Ticker

December 25, 2011 1 comment

Sports Highlights & Ticker Shows End Result

Has this ever happened to you? You get home and you want to see the highlights from the game you missed which you also made sure to not find out the score of and you turn on an all sports channel. While you are watching the highlights one of the tickers on the bottom of the screen completely ruins the outcome of the highlights you are watching. If you don’t see exactly what I mean, check out the picture below where I have circled the relevant portion which reveals the ending of the game that has highlights on the main portion of the screen.

Sports Highlights & Ticker Shows End Result with circle

Note: To be clear, the image above is just what happened to be on TV which reminded me of this issue. It is not only SportsNet in Canada which does it but TSN in Canada and as far as I can recall, ESPN in the USA does it too.

My idea to fix this seems to me to be pretty simple. Write a program which knows which highlights are on the screen and skip the part of the ticker which shows the score during the highlight reel. I am not a programmer so I don’t know how simple something like this would be to develop but it doesn’t seem like it is too much to ask.

What do you think? Have you ever noticed this before? Does it perturb you too from time to time? Let me know in the comments below.

Fun Urinals

September 8, 2011 1 comment

soccer urinal at bmo field toronto canada

The above picture I took at the home field of Toronto FC, the local MLS team, BMO Field in the men’s bathroom during the MLS Cup last year. I was amazed to see such a thing –  yes, I scored a couple of goals – and it made the bathroom that much more awesome in my mind. I thought it was a great touch for the soccer stadium to have these in their bathrooms and appreciated the attention to detail to make the fans’ experience that much better when going to experience soccer. I had never seen anything like it until I was at Real Sports Bar & Grill last night for my friend @Ree_I‘s birthday celebration. Upon going to the Real Sports men’s room I saw this in the urinal.

football urinal at real sports bar and grill toronto canada

A football urinal game for the start of the NFL season (it began tonight with the game between the Green Bay Packers and the New Orleans Saints). Both urinal games are made by the same company – – and they are an ingenious piece of fun in my humble opinion. I wonder if Wee makes them for hockey and baseball too. To be fair, I can probably just go to their website to check and I probably will once I am done this blog post.

The only drawback that the football urinal game has versus the soccer one is that the soccer one actually allows you to “score a goal” whereas the laws of physics do not make it possible to “score a field goal” with the football one. Maybe it was the way it was placed in the urinal which made this the case but, quite frankly, once it has been placed I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to move it.

I wonder if anyone is planning to put ads on these things or even team decals. Thinking that reminds me of the real estate agent in the movie “I Love You Man” who had his face & ad on urinal cakes all around the city and how they ridiculed him for it in the movie so maybe it is not the greatest idea. Only time will tell I guess!

This is one of those times when I, as a man, feel bad for ladies for not being able to enjoy one of these simple pleasures of being a man. Of course, there are many reasons why it is great to be a lady and many things that I as a man will never be able to experience so it all balances out in the end, right?

Have you seen these or something like them anywhere else?

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