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Happy Fifth Anniversary @BostonPizzaYS!!! #BPYS5

November 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Tonight was the birthday party for one of my favorite North York sports bar-restaurants – Boston Pizza at Yonge & Sheppard.

It was an absolute blast with great giveaways and drink tickets for Coors Light, Stella Artois, Captain Morgan’s, and wine from Jackson Triggs Winery. I didn’t get a chance to try some Coors Light or white Jackson Triggs Winery wine but everything else was superb. It was a great time celebrating a very fine establishment.

I would continue this blog post but my presence has been demanded by @cdot_in_tdot aka Calvin to chug a pint of Guinness. Duty calls!


Stella Artois #BlockParty Downtown

August 13, 2011 1 comment

Wow, tonight I came down to King West for the Stella Artois Canada Block Party (#BlockParty) and it has been epic thus far.

I’m hanging out with a whole group of amazing people and there’s a cool photobooth (see picture) and I’m having an absolute blast. So much of a blast that I don’t have time to write a long blog post right now.


I Got Given Some @StellaArtoisCAN Legere On A Toronto Street

June 18, 2011 Leave a comment

 I was driving downtown to pick up my NXNE 5 Day Music Pass which I won courtesy of an awesome friend of mine’s blog – Joshua Murray aka @phjoshua – and en route down I passed the corner of Yonge & St Clair where I saw some fine folks who looked like they were handing out some Stella Artois Legere. I quickly pulled over to the side of the road after I turned off of Yonge onto St Clair – obviously I don’t use my phone while I drive! That’s dangerous! – and checked the Stella Artois Twitter account @StellaArtoisCAN. Sure enough they mentioned to their followers that they were setting up shop to hand out Stella Artois Legere in “#Summerhill” as they put it.

Summerhill Toronto map via Wikipedia

They won’t give exact locations for these things because they do not want to cause havoc by handing out free beer and announcing the exact location on the interwebs – they wouldn’t even tell me where they mean when they say #Willowdale which is really the closer location to where I live that they have been tweeting about.

Willowdale Toronto map via Wikipedia

I like that they are so worried about such things and want to stay on the exact right side of the law. They even made sure to check everyone’s ID – even if they clearly were old enough to have voted Diefenbaker in as Canadian Prime Minister in 1957. I am completely serious about this.

Stella Artois Legere via

Beyond that, they did two other things:

  1. To discourage people drinking in the streets, they bottles they gave out were not cold – and who really wants to drink warm beer?
  2. They gave everyone who received a Stella Artois Legere from them a stamp on their hand (see below for mine) so that you couldn’t pretend you didn’t already get one. This is probably to prevent random drunk people running around neighborhoods of Toronto courtesy of Stella Artois = bad PR.

My Stella Artois stamp

I have yet to actually drink the beer (it is cooling in the fridge) but I have had it before. For a light beer – which I usually do not enjoy – it is VERY good. Have you tried Stella Artois or Stella Artois Legere? What did you think? Have you seen the Stella Artois Legere teams around Toronto? Where?

My understanding is that they will be doing this giveaways all weekend all summer. If this were Facebook I would be clicking the “Like” button on them giving out free beer.

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