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I Got My @GetGlue Stickers! Yes, They Deliver To Canada!

March 1, 2011 25 comments

Today, I received in the mail my first shipment of GetGlue stickers. You may recall I mentioned them in a previous post on January 26, “International Use of GetGlue & Sticker Collecting“. Anyhow, I thought they were going to be sending me 20 stickers but maybe the fact that they were sending stickers to Canada made them only deliver 16.

 NOTE: Judging by some of the comments I am getting it seems that people are confused as to what my affiliation is with the folks at Get Glue.


If you haven’t gotten your stickers that you’ve ordered I feel sorry but there is absolutely nothing I can do.

Apparently GetGlue doesn’t feel the need to put my actual name on the envelope.

I was also slight confused as to why GetGlue didn’t put my name on the envelope…privacy reasons? Maybe someone wrote some profane names and they didn’t want to send them out? I don’t know.

As I mentioned above, I was also quite confused as to why they chose to only send me 16 stickers….maybe they didn’t have some of the stickers they wanted to send me? But beyond that what is up with those 3 “White Heart stickers”? I’ve never seen them on GetGlue’s site so I didn’t earn them. Also, why 3 of them? The white in the White Heart looks like it could be meant to represent glue, so maybe its a Love GetGlue sort of thing? If anyone has any info on what these are I’d love to know.

I also have yet to figure out what I’m going to do with these stickers…the natural place I’d think is my TV but I don’t really wanna put them on my TV…that seems so grade school. Any suggestions as to where I should put my stickers? Let me know!!!

The GetGlue Stickers I got in all their physical glory. I don’t know why they only sent me 16.

International Use Of GetGlue & Sticker Collecting

January 26, 2011 1 comment

GetGlue is a relatively new service which brings the popular concept of a check-in (like on Foursquare or Facebook Places) to TV, Movies, Books, Music, & a variety of other topics. The service self-describes itself in its FAQ as “a service that helps you find your next favorite movie, book, music album or other every day thing…. GetGlue shows you things that you’ll like based on your personal tastes, what your friends like, and what’s most popular on GetGlue.”

GetGlue also allows you to collect Stickers on their website for doing different things and tuning into different TV shows or movies or topics. A lot of people have taken to collecting these stickers religiously even if they do not actually care about the thing the sticker is attached to. There are even websites/blogs devoted to the collection of GetGlue stickers like this one GetGlue Sticker FAQ because much like the way Foursquare works with its badges GetGlue do not tell you themselves how exactly to get the stickers. They often do give hints in the description of the sticker as to how it may be obtained but more often than not they will they spell it out for you.

Screencap of my GetGlue homepage & sticker collection as of today. Yes, I check in to A LOT of stuff – but all things that I really do watch.

Many shows/networks/companies have specific stickers that they have signed deals with GetGlue to create for fans of their shows. Fringe is one of those shows and as you can see in the image below I have almost all except for one of the Fringe stickers available. What is also really cool, and what you may have noticed in the picture above (on the left hand side of it, in the yellow box) is that once you reach 20 stickers GetGlue will actually SEND YOU (by snail mail) the physical versions of those stickers which you have earned as long as it has been 30 days since your previous order, you are eligible to request them.

They send about 20 stickers at a time, the amount that a lil’ old stamp can carry. They also will only send what’s currently in stock. Once you order you should have your stickers in 4 – 6 weeks. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to where you can have your stickers mailed to.

Now here’s the problem: “Some stickers can only be earned by checking-in on a specific day during a specific time – these stickers are limited and exclusive and will not be available outside of this window.” Though GetGlue is available internationally they do not reflect it in their stickers. If a show is premiering in the USA you have to check in to it if you want the special sticker for the premiere even if it won’t premiere in your country for a days or even months. I understand that the stickers are sponsored by networks or companies within the USA and that is why they are tied to US release dates but how is that really fair? Is GetGlue encouraging everyone outside of the USA to cheat & just check-in to shows/movies even when they arent actually watching them so they can get the sticker to add to their collection? Are these ‘cheat’ check-ins wrong? I don’t think they are because what are we supposed to do. Are we not entitled to these stickers if we are watching the shows in our home countries on TV when they are released? Is GetGlue encouraging us to download media (illegally) in our home countries in order to not be lying about our check-ins?

Realistically the company that made the show and commissioned the stickers are making money from their international customers by selling the broadcast rights to the shows internationally. As well, the shows showing up on more people’s GetGlue feeds and Twitter feeds and Facebook feeds only serves to benefit them in terms of advertising the existence and popularity of the show. Why then, can GetGlue not tie the stickers to the IP of the device/computer accessing the GetGlue servers to decide whether or not to award the sticker to them? I suspect many GetGlue users who are fans of Spartacus in Canada were quite disappointed when they checked-in to the show on Sunday evening (the premiere of the show in Canada) only to find that the premiere of the show had been on Friday in the USA on Starz and as such they were ineligible to gain this limited time badge because they didn’t check-in during the premiere (even though the ones who watched it, legally, on TV did check-in during the premiere).

It sort of sucks and as such I do not feel it is cheating to check-in to a show in advance (even if it’s days & weeks in advance) if you plan on watching it when it actually airs in your country. What do you think?

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