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Marketing Competing Products In An Event’s Swag Bag? OK Or Not?

October 27, 2011 1 comment

Yesterday and last night I was at AndroidTO 2011 thanks to my buddy Justin Baisden (@The_JMoney on the Twitters) and I had a fantastically amazing time – and learning experience – all day during #AndroidTO itself and the #Harthfest after-party afterward. Ok, you got me, there wasn’t any learning going on during Hartfest. Come to think of it, Harthfest was more about killing brain cells with alcohol, but I digress.

While I can write a lot about many different subjects from AndroidTO – which was an extremely well put together production by the organizers and volunteers – what really struck me yesterday is the way one of the event sponsors chose to use the AndroidTO vehicle to market themselves and their products.

I am somewhat uncertain about the etiquette of even writing this and naming names so if you think I should take down the specific references, let me know.

Above you can see the picture of two of the items from the AndroidTO event swag bag – one very appropriately themed awesome t-shirt…but what is up with that red card? Is it for Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 Mango? It is? What the…?

For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform IS NOT a version of Android. I get it that the vast majority of people who attended AndroidTO were in some way or another involved in making a multitude of apps on a multitude of platforms a reality. I understand that Microsoft is trying to push for people to develop for their mobile platform. I am well aware that a lot of app developers/development companies don’t just do one platform but do apps on many different platforms but was the AndroidTO swag bag the place to push a different mobile platform? To me it seems like it really isn’t the place.

Some who were there yesterday may argue that the panels and speakers yesterday didn’t only discuss the apps they had and development experiences they had with the Android platform but talked about a myriad of other platforms as well. While this is true, it doesn’t change the fact that the panel members discussing different mobile platforms in terms of their centralized app downloading spots or marketing the app on the internet or through traditional media or beta testing an app holds true pretty much across mobile platforms and is, therefore and in my mind, completely valid to bring up. But out and out advertising a contest for developers to develop for a different platform through the swag bag of an event targeting and geared towards another platform just seems crass to me.

What say all y’all? Let me know in the comments!

Blogging, Events, And Swag. What Is The Responsibility Of The Blogger?

September 9, 2011 11 comments

Dan Levy blogging at laptop keyboard...OK technically this is a posed picture but that IS my hand and that IS my laptop from where I blog.

I have mentioned more than once how I love being a blogger and standing up on my digital soap box talking about things that strike my fancy every day of every week. I have also mentioned how often times this results in me receiving invites to events or receiving things from companies/brands to try out. However, while I appreciate each and every invitation I get and I love getting free stuff from brands/companies to try out (this is also known as ‘swag’) I have always maintained my honesty and integrity here on this blog and have been completely open about things with my blog readers. This is, in my opinion and in the opinions of readers who I have communicated with, part of what makes my blog, my posts, and my writing style attractive.

A couple of weeks back, actually it was on the day I went to the Ex, I read a tweet from Spiro aka @mandylor of I am going to quote it to you directly and post a screenshot of it but, for full disclosure’s sake, here is a link to it. The tweet read: “PR firms make sure bloggers provide verifiable web stats, twitter, FB accounts. Demand a post within 72 hours fashion show/event. #blogs.

At first I agreed with Spiro when I read his tweet and I retweeted it. However, upon further reflection since then – the tweet was tweeted on August 24th around 3PM – and I came to realize that while I think Spiro is a good guy I don’t 100% agree with him. Why is this? Well, while I agree that PR Firms should be more than entitled to check with bloggers/online personalities for their stats to ensure that the PR company’s client is getting value for inviting people to the event or sending them swag at the same time who is to say that the event/product will be worth writing about? Read more…

Mobilicity Contest Update & Giveaway!

July 20, 2011 8 comments

You may recall my entry to the Mobilicity contest to be the CEO Blogger and go on a road trip with CEO Dave Dobbin.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who voted for me and supported me in this endeavor. You don’t know how much I appreciate it.

Here is the video below in case you have yet to see it:

I asked you all to vote for me and my YouTube video and the video garnered so much attention that YouTube approached me to become a YouTube Partner for that video. (I sent in the necessary forms but am still waiting to hear back.) But, alas, even with 391 views, 39 Likes, 20 comments, and a YouTube Partnership offer it was not meant to be – I did not win the contest. Instead, a young lady named Kathryn Tom’s video (below) which got 8 Likes on Facebook under 200 views (pre-announcement that she had won), 4 Likes, and 0 comments on YouTube was the chosen winner by the panel of Mobilicity judges including Dave Dobbin himself.

Cool, I hope she is having an amazing time and I wish her, Dave Dobbin, and Mobilicity all the best. But, as a runner-up Mobilicity hooked me up with some nice swag which I would like to share with my readers. The way I figure it, I didn’t win the grand prize so someone else who is part of the LevyNewsNetwork family should get something because you guys all rock.

This giveaway is open to residents of the Greater Toronto Area ONLY (unless you’re physically in Toronto on a regular basis so that means all folks who are within driving distance and are around the Toronto area often are welcome to enter).

First up, we have a really cool Mobilicity branded messenger bag Read more…

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