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Cell Phone Etiquette III

May 15, 2010 2 comments

After getting a question from a friend in regard to their BlackBerry – specifically the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) application – I have decided it is time for a new Cell Phone Etiquette post. (You can find the previous ones here and here.)

My friend, Robin (name changed), messaged me via BBM the other day and told me that a friend, we will call him Barney, of the sibling who she had inherited her BlackBerry from had added her to their BBM list. What Robin wanted to know was whether or not it was rude to delete Barney from her list now that they had established that the phone was no longer her brother’s. I responded that in my humble opinion she should wait a day and then delete Barney so he will be less likely to notice when her name disappears from his list avoiding a possibly awkward conversation. I suppose beyond what I said what is important would also be how well Robin and Barney actually know each other in the real world and whether or not it would be at all an insult.

But as I write this post about BlackBerrys and BBM I also think about one other point of etiquette which I am unsure about and would love to hear my readers’ opinions. Is it OK to give out your friend/acquaintance’s PIN to a mutual friend/acquaintance without first asking your friend? (If you don’t know how BBM works with PINs see below) One friend of mine’s opinion was that it doesn’t matter as you can just delete the person from your list if you don’t want them to have you on their list anymore or just ignore/refuse the friend request in the first place. I accepted the opinion at the time because I was new to the world of BBM but I have come to the conclusion, personally, that it is not alright and is a breach of the other person’s privacy and bad etiquette. The same way I do not like giving out other people’s phone numbers or personal email addresses without the owner’s express permission I don’t think it is OK to give out their PIN without their permission. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule.

Every Blackberry device has its own unique PIN and a BlackBerry user can use a PIN to send a direct message to another BlackBerry anywhere in the world at no cost. As well, every Blackberry has a program called BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which is an Instant Messaging (IM) program which uses PINs to differentiate between people. As BBM is an IM program, like any IM program you build a buddy list and can choose to block or ignore requests for people to add you to their buddy list.

Cell Phone Etiquette II

March 13, 2009 5 comments

People seemed to really like my first cell phone etiquette post so I thought why not give y’all a followup?

Two pieces of brilliance for you ladies and gents today:

  • “Phone Violating” – When you are with another person or a group of people and you get a phone call that does not concern the whole group/other person if you sit and talk on the phone it is very rude. Amongst my friends we call this “Phone Violating” and the perpetrator of such acts a “Phone Violator”. This is especially true when you are sitting in a car with a person as they cannot listen to music because you need to hear the person on the other side, they have no one to talk to if you’re the only one in the car and if there are other people in the car to talk to loud talking in the background can be just as annoying as music during a phone call. So the person/people sitting in the car with you have to just be quiet and do nothing while you sit and have a phone conversation and ignore everyone else who is actually with you physically. If you are with one other person in a restauraunt or bar you are still phone violating if you get up and walk away from the table to have the conversation. Of course a quick conversation is acceptable but anything over the 3 minute mark makes you a rude phone violator! There are exceptions to this rule and they include – your parent or family member or boss who needs to have a discussion with you and won’t accept that you cannot talk to them right then and there or absolutely cannot know that you are in a car an hour away from the city approaching the cottage for the weekend after ditching out on work early…on Thursday. Or, if the information being given to you by the other person benefits or is of interest to everyone else in the group – e.g. directions to aforementioned cottage. But use your better judgement of when you are being a phone violator and when you aren’t.
  • Late Night Phone Calls/Texts/Emails If I am attempting to get in touch with you in a way that makes your cell phone ring and that wakes you up at 4 A.M. TOO BAD! It is a cell phone, you only have one and it is not difficult to turn the ringer off. “But I need to be able to hear my phone in case an emergency happens and someone needs to call me!” Fine so set up a profile that turns off all other sounds like text and email notifiers so those won’t wake you up. I understand the rationale behind not calling someone on a house line after a certain hour because we cannot expect people to walk around their house/apartment turning off phone ringers but a cell phone is one device which can easily be set to silent or left in another room. This is the 21st Century, not everyone is on the same schedule as you and you better get used to receiving emails at all hours because that’s the way the world works these days.

But that’s just my $0.02, as always your comments are appreciated!

Cell Phone Etiquette

February 12, 2009 7 comments

The other day I was on the phone with a friend of mine and after we had a 5 minute conversation I told him to give a message to another friend of ours who he sees all the time. He told me that not only was he with that person right now our whole conversation had been on LOUDSPEAKER and the other person had been listening in. I didn’t say anything to the person at the time and I haven’t since but in my humble opinion that is just rude and a massive breach of social etiquette for the 21st Century.

I began to wonder as I was deciding whether or not to write this post if maybe I was being a little bit crazy and shouldn’t let such things bother me as I am sure they happen all the time. But then, the next day I called another friend of mine and some of the first words out of his mouth when he picked up the phone were – “You’re on loudspeaker and Wife’sName is with me in the car.” When I heard that I duly thanked him for making me aware of the situation, not because I had anything to hide from either of the people who were listening in on either call who I hadn’t called (or received a call from) in the first place. Simply put, it is a matter of etiquette. It is rude to be on the phone with someone and have them on loudspeaker and have other listen in without the other side’s knowledge.

In this day and age when our modern phones (both cell and regular, but mainly cell) have more and more options and gadgets available for us on them it is important, in my humble opinion, for us as a society to retain some sense of politeness and etiquette in their use.
If you are talking on the phone on loudspeaker and you are not by yourself it is just common decency to let the person (or people) on the other side know that their words are going out to an audience.

But that’s just my $0.02, as always your comments are appreciated!

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