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A Funny Vanity License Plate I Saw Last Year

August 22, 2011 2 comments


BJ Mom Ontario License Plate

I took this picture back in 2010 and decided tonight I’d share it with all y’all.

I was driving along Faywood Blvd in North York, Toronto one night around dusk – which is why the picture didn’t come out so well – and I passed a van with this license plate. I did a double take and slowed down as I passed the van to check out the front license and see if my eyes had deceived me. The license clearly was that of a lady who was a big fan (or her kids were) of the local Major League Baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays. Maybe it is even that of a mother of one of the members of the Blue Jays. The plate even has the Blue Jays logo and everything.

Unfortunately for the mom who had this license plate, “BJ” is also an acronym for an act shared between people who are engaging in physically expressing their intimate desires with each other. This truth renders the license “BJ Mom” quite the amusing choice in vanity plate. Sticking with the baseball terminology, this act is also often referred to as “Third Base.”

I have to wonder also if this lady was really that naïve when she got this license plate. When she picked it out, how did no one at the license office snicker or mention to her what the implications are of that license plate’s message. Has anyone told her? Has she kept it to this day? Has she ever picked her kids up from school with that plate? If so, how are those kids not the laughingstock of the school? I guess these are questions I will likely never know the answers to. Damn.

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