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Legally Turn Left On A Red Light? In Toronto?: Exploring Toronto Part VII

January 15, 2013 2 comments
Sign allowing left turn on red light

Sign allowing left turn on red light southbound on Hilda Ave onto Jonathan Gate

No, technically this sign is not in Toronto. This sign and the intersection for which it is giving instructions is in the Greater Toronto Area in the city of Vaughan a bit north of Toronto’s city line. I have never seen any other sign like this or an intersection like it anywhere else in North America so I thought it was interesting enough to share in my Exploring Toronto series of blog posts.

Legal Left Turn On Red Thornhill Ontario Canada

How I wish that light had been red when I took this picture!

This sign which says that at this intersection it is permitted for a driver to make a left turn on a red can be found at the intersection of Jonathan Gate and Hilda Avenue in the community of Thornhill in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. I have known about this intersection for well over a decade as I have a number of friends who grew up right around the corner from here and have always taken a special pleasure in making a left turn on this red light…although to be honest I almost never have reason to because I almost never had a reason to go down Jonathan Gate. Just look at where it is (in the Google Maps screen grab below). Read more…

BBQ Season Has Begun!

The last few pieces of chicken being grilled. Pounds & pounds of chicken were consumed before this as evidenced by the buildup of sauce on the grill.

I’m so happy and deliciously satiated!

This past winter it was decided amongst my friends who (except for me and 2 other guys) live in Thornhill that we would get together once a month for ‘Wings With The Boys’ where we go out to a wings place…usually Wild Wing…to grab some wings and catch up. Tonight we did it differently meeting up at one of my buddy’s houses (in Thornhill) to have a massive BBQ now that it is finally warm enough to hang out outdoors at night comfortably.

I love that after this long, cold winter it is finally that time of year again. Especially since I heard a report today that we in Toronto are going to have an extra hot summer. I am excited.

In my mind summer has officially summed. W00t! W00t!

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