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Battle Of The Sexes: The Toilet Seat Debate

April 1, 2013 13 comments

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The battle of the bathroom between the sexes has raged since 1927 when Tom Bradney invented the toilet seat. The question:

Should The Toilet Seat Be Left Up Or Down?

Women argue that it should always be left down because they don’t want to have to look before they sit down. They say that because men stand in front of the toilet and have to aim they are required to look down so the onus is on them to notice if the seat is up or down and adjust accordingly. Men more often than not acquiesce to the ladies in their lives and leave the toilet seat down only to find themselves getting in more trouble when a few drops end up on the seat because they can’t be bothered to raise the seat before relieving themselves or to check the seat for drops after the fact. When this happens the argument starts right back up because the man’s point of view is that he wouldn’t have gotten the seat sprinkled if it hadn’t been down in the first place.

Seat Up Lid Up Toilet

Toilet with the seat up. The bane of every lady’s existence.

Guys, I know that essentially the female side of this debate boils down to a reality which finds them walking into the bathroom backwards, never actually looking at the toilet before sitting down. Unfortunately, though I don’t agree with their logic, I have to side with the ladies here. The seat should be left down. Here’s why:

Why The Seat Should Be Left Down Read more…

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