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#PostADay2011 Inspiration For Writing A Blog Post

May 24, 2011 5 comments

As I continue on into the closing days of the 5th month of the Post A Day 2011 Challenge I have decided another retrospective look at another thing I have learned is in order. People ask me all the time when they hear I am doing this how I find something to write about every single day and I will address that question. Coupled with it, in my mind, is how to conquer writer’s block when it is 10:30PM and you have nothing to write about that day. This is especially true when you just wrote two huge posts for another blog and poured a lot of your creativity and writing ability into them. It is only then you realize that you still have to write a post today for yourself and you have next to nothing to say.

To address the first question I will say that I consume A LOT of media every day. Often times I hear something or see something that spurns some thoughts and I write it down on a piece of paper or even start a draft and put a few notes in which I can develop into a blog post later. As well, remember how I talked about being a “Yes Man“? Well, part of being a Yes Man means that I often go out and have life experiences that give me content to write about. Last night’s post about going to The Guvernment couldn’t have happened without my being a Yes Man. I won’t go into details but suffice it to say that contacts I made going out to other events and functions and even just being out there is what led to my being hooked up by those awesome folks at Ink Entertainment.

Now, what do you do when it’s late and you’ve got nothing? Well, to start with there is the obvious choice of going to one of the blogs written by WordPress for just this purpose – The Daily Post at The point of that blog is, as stated by them:

This is an experiment in blogging motivation from the folks at We will post every day here with ideas, suggestions and inspiration, hoping it will help you get the most out of your blog.

Sounds good right? The problem with that is when you’re like me and you read a ton of blogs every day you don’t always have time to sit and read what The Daily Post’s suggestion is for that day. As well, more often than not I have not had an issue finding something to write about so I only check that RSS feed in my Google Reader when I need it preferring to keep those ideas in the hopper, so to speak. Currently there are 42 unread posts from The Daily Post which means I haven’t even taken a look at it in over a month, let alone used an idea from it. This means that I would have to start scrolling through all the ideas they mention and think about which of them are the diamond in the rough I would like to post about that day. That takes time and at 10:30 PM I got to start writing already!

Secondly, I read more media! I don’t know if this will work for everyone but it is what I began to do tonight when I started reading other people’s blog posts in my Google Reader. Almost immediately I was hit with the idea that – “Hey, why I don’t I write about what I do when I have NOTHING to write about?” It was as if a light bulb had actually gone on on top of my head (an incandescent not a compact fluorescent…the latter take time to warm up and this was more instantaneous). I think it has something to do with seeing what other people are writing about or maybe it is just taking my mind off the need for creativity spurned creative thoughts. Maybe this whole post is a cop out as a post and I will be ridiculed in the comments below for writing this and expecting all y’all to be satisfied with it. However, I do hope that someone can take something from my findings on what works for me when I am in a bind for something to post about and use it to make their own blog better or find some of their own creativity when they need a boost.

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