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The Art Of Marketing Is Back In Toronto & I Have A Discount Code & Details!

May 24, 2013 2 comments
Art of Marketing 2013 Speakers

Speaker Lineup for The Art of Marketing Toronto 2013: (From Left) David Usher, Biz Stone, Charles Duhigg, Seth Godin, and Jonah Berger

The Art of Marketing is making its return to Toronto on June 5 this year to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and it has a great speaker lineup which frankly, I am excited for. They gave me a promo code for my readers to save some money on a ticket which you can find below. All facts on the table, they hooked me up with a ticket too cuz they’re nice like that (and, let’s be honest, because I am writing this).

These events do sell out and there’s only room in the conference for 1,500-2,000 people (that’s a rough estimate, I cannot back that number up). So you’re going to want to grab your ticket sooner rather than later. (You can do that here.)

If you’ve never been to a “The Art of” event, I highly recommend attending this one because of the speaker lineup.  As well, the networking opportunities with people in the industry are astounding. Here is where I am going to tell you something that they probably don’t want me to…actually no conference organizer wants me to tell you this but it’s my own experience at conferences: Read more…

Repurposed Art Deco Allenby Theatre On The Danforth: Exploring Toronto Part VIII

April 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Esso Tim Hortons Allenby Theatre Toronto

A while back I was driving down Danforth Avenue and I passed an Esso & Tim Hortons which was – to say the least – different from most every other I have seen. The address for this building is 1213 Danforth Ave (map).

I grew up in North York and didn’t spend a lot of time in The Danforth area of the city so seeing this structure was completely new to me. What struck me was that it clearly was no longer a movie theater even though the facade appeared to be one. And those movie titles…”Tim Hortons”? “On The Run”? Those weren’t movie titles, they were store names! I looked into it some more once I got home to a computer and found this document from the City of Toronto – 1213 Danforth Avenue (Allenby Theatre) – Alterations to a Designated Heritage Property (PDF Link) – which identifies the theater building as a “Designated Heritage Property” as the title indicates. It also gives some great details into the history of the building which you can find quoted below the next picture:

Allenby Theatre Esso Tim Hortons Toronto December 2012

Looking from the east side of the building.

The Allenby Theatre (more recently known as the Roxy Theatre), was constructed in 1935 by the partnership of Kaplan and Sprachman, the firm responsible for between 70 and 80% of all movie theatres constructed in Canada between 1921 and 1950.

The Allenby Theatre was designated by the City in 2006 as a representative example of the style of theatre constructed between World War I and II with notable Art Deco / Art Moderne detailing

Esso Tim Hortons Allenby Theatre Toronto December 2012


For more on the theater and for more pictures check out this article from Torontoist dated October 19, 2010: “From Double Feature To Double-Double.”

Pretty interesting redevelopment of an old building isn’t it? I love finding these cool little things in a city and if you know of any in Toronto/The Greater Toronto Area you think I should check out let me know!

Also, if you or your family members have any memories of going to the Roxy/Allenby I would really love to read them in the comments below.


Pics From When I Met Michael Nus, Casie Stewart, & Other Awesome Folks At #KloutTO

February 7, 2013 2 comments

My friend @MichaelNus recently wrote a post on his blog called “The Day I Met Chris Brooker.” The post, which I’m given to understand will be one of a series, is a great post by a superb gentleman about @cbrooker, someone whom I cannot begin to express enough praise. Chris Brooker is a really special human and I am privileged to know him. Nus’ post brought to mind the day I met a bunch of different people involved in social media and tech in Toronto (I refuse to call it the “Social Media Scene” or the “Twitterati”) and then somehow it got brought to mind last night by a complete different person in a completely unrelated manner.

It all started when Sandy aka @sassygirlcanada tweeted this:

Which led to my friend Raymond Motee aka @FunkyBarrister replying with this:

That tweet brought me into the conversation and brought to night the aforementioned night when I first met in the real world people from Twitter. The night was an awesome one hosted by Klout. They called it #KloutTO (yes, amazingly that hashtag search still brings in results from June 2010!) and I met a bunch of stupendous individuals many of whom I count among my friends today including Team SidewalkHustle: @TristanBanning & @HawleyDunbar, Casie Stewart (@casiestewart), Michael Nus, Chris Brooker, Joallore (@clickflickca), Dave (now @BlueFoxCA and not in Toronto but he had a different Twitter handle back then), and many others who right now I can’t remember that I actually met them on that day. I went that day even though I wasn’t an “influencer” which was the reason Klout was throwing the party for the influencers and due to a partnership with Virgin America Airlines and was immediately welcomed into this group of the “cool kids.”

I tweeted this with that rush of fond memories warming my brain: Read more…

Legally Turn Left On A Red Light? In Toronto?: Exploring Toronto Part VII

January 15, 2013 2 comments
Sign allowing left turn on red light

Sign allowing left turn on red light southbound on Hilda Ave onto Jonathan Gate

No, technically this sign is not in Toronto. This sign and the intersection for which it is giving instructions is in the Greater Toronto Area in the city of Vaughan a bit north of Toronto’s city line. I have never seen any other sign like this or an intersection like it anywhere else in North America so I thought it was interesting enough to share in my Exploring Toronto series of blog posts.

Legal Left Turn On Red Thornhill Ontario Canada

How I wish that light had been red when I took this picture!

This sign which says that at this intersection it is permitted for a driver to make a left turn on a red can be found at the intersection of Jonathan Gate and Hilda Avenue in the community of Thornhill in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. I have known about this intersection for well over a decade as I have a number of friends who grew up right around the corner from here and have always taken a special pleasure in making a left turn on this red light…although to be honest I almost never have reason to because I almost never had a reason to go down Jonathan Gate. Just look at where it is (in the Google Maps screen grab below). Read more…

Second Annual W.A.T.C.H. Community Chairman’s Fundraiser Is On April 12th – #WATCHCharity

April 11, 2012 1 comment

WATCH Community banner

The second W.A.T.C.H. Chairman’s Annual Fundraiser is being held on Thursday, April 12th from 8pm to 12am in the Loft at the Andrew Richard Designs studio (571A Adelaide Street East, Toronto) as they are being sponsored by the good folks at Andrew Richard Design Events (aka ARD Events). You can find ARD Events on Twitter at, predictably, @ARDevents as well as on Facebook again predictably at

The official hashtag for the event tomorrow is #WATCHCharity.

I got invited to attend this night of music, art, and inspiration showcasing local talent from around the city and you can come too! Tickets are available for purchase online at for $60 (also available at the door) which gets you admission, open bar, yummy treats, live music, local art and a silent auction (which will be taking place from 8pm – 10:30pm). I tried to find out some more details about what would be on auction in the silent auction but alas I was unable to get any details.

So what is W.A.T.C.H.? W.A.T.C.H. is an acronym which stands for: Words. Actions. Thoughts. Character. Heart. They are a group established in 1997 as a community service organization for young people in Toronto’s most underprivileged neighborhoods. The original group was made up of students attending the University of Toronto who wanted to spend time with inner-city children in Regent Park. Since then, this core group has gone on to become successful professionals, including: lawyers, engineers, police officers, physicians, professors and corporate executives, among others. Volunteers interact with these young people in a one-to-one basis for activities like sports, music, the arts, and even some tutoring so the young people can create a brighter future for themselves. Since its founding in 1997 word has increasingly spread of the work being done by W.A.T.C.H. and their volunteers and so did the number of volunteers and supporters.

Sounds like a great cause doesn’t it?

You can find them on Twitter with the handle @WATCHfoundation or at their website

Buy tickets through the PayPal link on this page – Remember, there’s an open bar and it is all for charity…what can be better than that?

I’ve also added the event to a new service called Epilogger which helps unite everyone’s social memories by pulling in all blog posts, tweets, check-ins, photos, and more and putting it all on one page. Check it out here:

Tonight In Toronto: @NotableCA Brings You The Launch Of @CubeNightclub #NotableCubeLaunch

March 8, 2012 2 comments

#notablecubelaunch poster

Tonight I will be heading out to an event by invitation from my friends over at The event is, as the poster above implies, a launch party for a new venue in downtown Toronto called CUBE Nightclub (Web / Facebook / Twitter). CUBE is in the spot that was occupied by Ultra Supper Club for the past nine years at 314 Queen Street West, Toronto a couple hundred meters east of Spadina.

CUBE is a complete overhaul of the space –  which is still owned and operated by INK Entertainment – and is a complete departure from Ultra in that they are no longer going to be serving full meals and are instead going to have a shorter more “clubby” menu.

Of course everything I am writing here is all from what I have read and seen in a few pictures so I would recommend either grabbing one of the few tickets left of the 200 that were available at or following the hashtag #NotableCubeLaunch on Twitter. Read more…

Strange Toronto Intersection: Where Would You Stop?

January 19, 2012 3 comments


In the neighborhood of Forest Hill in Toronto is a street called Vesta. Vesta starts out from Eglinton and goes south for about 1.5km before ending in a dead end. The reason for this post today is because I have driven down this road numerous times and to this day I do not know what one is supposed to do when driving north or south on this street when it intersects with Old Forest Hill Road and Dewbourne Avenue all in the same intersection. This is because of the weird angle that Old Forest Hill Road hits the north-south Vesta and the east-west Dewbourne Avenue (which ends at this intersection). Read more…

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