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Tomorrow I Will Be A Wild Water King At Wild Water Kingdom @WWKPark!

August 16, 2011 2 comments

Tomorrow, I am going to be checking out Wild Water Kingdom with some friends at the invitation of the generous folks over at Wild Water Kingdom. The water park was for years Canada’s largest water park coming in at a massive 100 acres which makes me tremble with glee and excitement of the day ahead for us tomorrow. Those 100 acres hold a variety of attractions including water slides, a wave pool, and lazy rivers (as well as a variety of kids’ pools which we will not be visiting) all fully listed here and all, I’ve been assured, involving tons of wet, watery fun!

I have to figure out what I am going to do with my cell phone when I go so I can take pictures and yet still keep it dry. Maybe, I’ll buy one of those disposable waterproof cameras tomorrow. I also got to look into whether they’ll let me take one of those (or a cell phone) down the slides. Somehow I think I am not going to be getting many pictures tomorrow though.

I haven’t been to Wild Water Kingdom in many years and, in fact, can’t even remember when I was last. I definitely used to go with my parents and when I was in camp. In fact, if I recall correctly, it was one of my camps staple locations to go to – the camp I went to as a kid took us to pretty much the same trips every summer – because who doesn’t like a good day in a water park during the summer?

Check out the map below for an idea of how big this place is – it looks epic. Did I mention that it has non-swimming activities – I know, I was taken aback at first too because it is a “Water Kingdom” – and they include a climbing wall, TWO mini-golf aka putt-putt courses, and a number of bars and cafeterias you can check out the non-water attractions here and the list of bars and cafeterias here. I already know I will be making a trip to “The Royal Terrace” for their “Tidal Wave Funnel Cakes” because what is a day at a water park (or any outdoor park) without funnel cakes?!?!?!

Key for the map/guide above can be found at

The park is fairly close to Toronto, just north of Pearson Airport in Brampton and about a 25 minute drive from North York where I live. It is possible to get to them via public transit and it seems that GO Transit is the way to go as it is too far out of Toronto to be serviced by the TTC. If you want to find them on the interwebs check out their website at or on Facebook they’re at while on Twitter they’re @WWKPark, and they even have their own YouTube Channel with (as of this writing) 27 videos of fun in the sun at Wild Water Kingdom.

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